How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress


Have you ever thought about what your wedding dress ideas were going to look like?

Sure, all brides dream about walking down the aisle but choosing your wedding dress shouldn’t be taken lightly. You should consider everything from your style to the weather so that you can find the most perfect wedding dress for your special day.

Let’s explore how to choose your wedding dress! From the type of dress to your wedding venue, we’ll walk you through it all to ensure you have a dress that you love.

Wedding planning can be overwhelming but follow our advice, and you’ll have the best wedding dress you’ll love. Read on!

Set a Budget

Look around online and try to find some dresses that you love within your price range. If a designer gown is your dream, check out outlet stores or sample sales to get the same look without the outrageous price. Also, consider renting the dress or buying a pre-owned dress.

This can save you a considerable amount of money. Keep in mind what is important to you – is it the perfect silhouette or the designer label? Times have changed, and there are so many stylish and high-end-looking wedding dresses available at great prices. 

Research and Gather Inspiration

Start by researching the different shapes, silhouettes, and fabrics available. When you have an idea of what style and fabric you like, keep your eye out for similar dresses in magazines, on the internet, and from your friends.

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Along with the research and gathering of inspiration, consider visiting your local bridal boutiques and salons to try on some of the dresses you are drawn to.

Understand Your Body Type

Doing so helps you pick out a dress cut or design that shows off and complements your best features. Pear-shaped body types have wider hips, so the best option would be an a-line gown with a fitted bust and a full skirt.

Rectangle-shaped body types should go for dresses with closely fitted bodices to emphasize the waist, while those with larger busts should look for corseted gowns.

Apple-shaped body types should select a gown that de-emphasizes the midsection and gives focus to the bust, while hourglass body types should opt for wedding gowns that accentuate their natural curves.

Visit Bridal Salons

When visiting bridal salons, couples should ask the stylist to give a private consultation to ensure they find the perfect wedding dress.

During the consultation, couples should take along pictures of wedding dresses they like to initiate the search. The stylist will guide them through a selection of dresses in their price range that will suit their style, taste, and size.

A good stylist will take time to discuss and understand the couple’s individual needs and budget to ensure the perfect dress is found. To stand the best chance of finding the perfect dress for their big day, couples should make sure the dress fits properly and doesn’t require too many changes.

The bridal salon should also offer helpful advice and have a selection of wedding accessories that will complete the look. Visit the local bridal shop located here to start your journey toward finding the perfect wedding dress.

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Consider Comfort and Movement

Start by selecting a dress made of material that is lightweight and breathable. It’s also important to keep an eye on the cut of the dress; avoid styles that are too tight or restrictive. A full skirt will enable you to make all the necessary moves on the dancefloor.

Make sure that the dress is tailored to fit you perfectly. Otherwise, it won’t be comfortable and could even be a hazard on the dancefloor. Lastly, consider the accessories you will use; a delicate veil can add a touch of beauty while remaining lightweight and breathable.

Stay True to Your Style

Start by thinking about who you are and what you feel comfortable wearing. Think about the style of your wedding — is it formal? Traditional? Bohemian? Feminine?

Knowing the style of your ceremony will help you decide on the dress that best fits you. Consider contouring styles, such as a mermaid or a trumpet shape, colors, and fabric.

Try on different silhouettes and find the one that looks best on you.

Factoring in Alterations

Before making the final purchase, it’s important to factor in alterations, which you may need to make to customize your dress for the perfect fit on your special day. If you have visioned a customized design, a custom-made dress might best fit your needs. If you are looking to purchase an off-the-rack dress, you should ask yourself how difficult it will be to alter the dress.

Consider the materials and embellishments of the dress, which may make it difficult or even impossible to alter. Make sure to bring your measurements to provide an accurate fit, and consult with a seamstress to figure out what kind of alterations you will need, if any.

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Choose Accessories and Undergarments

When choosing accessories, brides should consider the shape and color of their costumes carefully, as the wrong accessory can make the bride look out of place. Additionally, choosing the right undergarments is also key.

During the day, it’s advisable to avoid bras with straps over the shoulders that could show up and make an unexpected appearance. For nighttime, a strapless bra will provide more support. 

Using Jewelries

Jewelry can be an essential part of the look that makes the dress stand out. Consider the neckline of the dress and the colors that will compliment the dress. A bib necklace, drop earrings, or an elegant bracelet can all enhance and set off the wedding dress. Delicate pieces also work great for simple and understated looks.

To make a dramatic impact, consider larger pieces with a sparkle or fringe that matches the dress. Choose pieces that fit your style and reflect your personality. No matter what type of jewelry you choose, make sure it complements your ensemble and adds an extra touch of glitz and glamour for your special day.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress Today

The perfect wedding dress is out there; you just need to find it! With a few simple steps and the assistance of a professional, you can pick out a dress that flatters your figure and style.

Don’t forget to have fun in the process, and look forward to your big day! Make an appointment with a wedding shop today to begin your shopping journey.

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