9 Package Design Tips to Make Your Product Stand Out

9 Package Design Tips to Make Your Product Stand Out

Picture yourself walking down an aisle in a store. As you browse the shelves, you come across a sea of products.

How do you choose one to buy? More importantly, how do you ensure your product stands out against others?

Are you still trying to figure out where to start? Don’t worry. Here are nine package design tips to wow the crowds. Read along to learn more!

1. Keep It Simple and Concise

It means avoiding cluttering the design with too many colors, fonts, and patterns and carefully using words. Instead, focus on two or three colors, a limited font palette, and simple shapes. Keep the copy simple and to the point, and make sure that the premise of the product is evident at first glance.

2. High-Quality Images

Look for vibrant hues, detailed textures, and contrasting elements. When it comes to size, aim for an image more significant than the design’s dimensions to allow it to fill the entire area and create an impactful presence. Ensure the file is in a vector or high-quality format to prevent pixelation and blurriness when printing.

3. Practical and Functional

The design should serve a purpose, from the colors and fonts used to the product’s shape and size. Emphasis should be placed on ease of use and recognizability, as the packaging design should be eye-catching and make it easy for customers to identify the product.

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4. Incorporate Your Branding

Use colors, fonts, and logos to represent your brand identity. Bold colors and fonts are memorable visuals that potential customers will recognize, and many seek out.

5. Personalize It

You can also think of ways to make the unboxing experience special, such as adding notes or including special items. It can help to create a memorable impression and help your product’s packaging stand out from the competition.

6. Highlight the Benefits

It is essential to consider the benefits and how to best emphasize them. Please ensure the key benefits are placed prominently on the front of the package and reiterate them throughout the graphics, text, and images.

7. Consider the Colors

Start selecting the primary and secondary hues you want to use, then build accents around them predominantly. Utilize contra-colors to draw people’s attention to the packaging designs and make them pop on the shelves.

8. Make It Secure and Safe

Sealing or shrink wrapping can prevent tampering and secure the package correctly. You can also use secure locks and straps to reinforce seams and add an extra layer of security.

9. Consider the Packaging Material

It would help if you considered how the material would interact with the design, what level of protection the material provides, and any extra benefits it offers. For example, if you are packaging fragile items, pick a durable and protective material.

Opt for a transparent or semi-transparent material to show off your product. Click smashbrand.com to learn more about the material and designs.

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Build the Best Package Design

Package design plays a critical role in the success of any product. Following just a few simple tips when designing the packaging for your product will ensure maximum visibility and attractiveness to potential customers. Incorporate these tips into your package design to ensure your product fares well above the rest!

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