Choosing Birthday Party Venues: What Works Best?


Your birthday only comes around once a year, and about 80 times on average. That’s not a lot if you think about it. That’s why you will want to plan each birthday party with care.

The first step is choosing birthday party venues. You don’t want to do the same old boring dinner and dancing, do you? It’s time you mixed things up with your birthday planning. 

Keep reading for some adult birthday venues that will blow your mind. And make you remember your birthday for a long time to come (or at least until your next one). 

What’s Your Event Theme?

This is probably the first question you will ask yourself or the birthday planner. What kind of theme do you want your birthday party to have? Is it going to be based on Star Trek or Harry Potter movies? 

Or do you want something more to do with the water and aquatic vibes? Earthy vibes or space travel?

There are so many options for you or your planner to choose from, so it might get a bit overwhelming. But if you can think about your interests or personality traits as that will allow you to narrow down the options further.

For example, an individual who’s a fashionista and into the latest trends might not be interested in doing a hike or a trail run for their birthday. It’s an extreme example, but you get the picture. 

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How Old Is the Birthday Boy/Girl?

Of course, an adult birthday party is easier to plan for than a child’s. But, in any case, the age of the birthday person will make a big difference in the kind of event you end up planning. 

If they are in their teenage years, you will want to ensure that you don’t organize a party that’s too nerdy or boring, because it might embarrass your teenager. For seniors, their birthdays mean they get to hang out with friends and family, so they don’t care as much about the theme. They just want quality time with people they care for. 

Again, paying attention to the birthday person’s interests, demographics, characteristics, and hobbies will give you brilliant clues into what kind of birthday party venue would be perfect for them. 

Do You Want to Do a Day Event or Night?

For children’s birthday parties, you probably want to do a day event with castles, clowns, or other related themes. But an adult party should go late into the night. 

Your birthday party venue will need to cater to the timeline chosen. You can’t have the venue kicking you out midway through the party because they are closing up or they ran out of drinks. 

That would ruin everyone’s mood, and more than that, it could ruin your relationship with the birthday person. 

How Open Are You to Outlandish Birthday Venues?

There are so many out-there ways to celebrate birthdays nowadays. For example, a luxury yacht birthday party would be a great way to celebrate that you’ve grown up a year. Or holding your birthday party in an ice cave could be an interesting way to say goodbye to your past self. 

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Remember that a lot of these funky birthday party venues are quite popular and might get sold out months in advance. You may want to book them as soon as possible by putting a deposit down. 

Also, make sure to ask them if you can bring in your own food, drinks, snacks, and birthday cake. Some venues don’t allow that. 

What’s Your Budget Like?

No matter how excited you are about turning a year older, you don’t want to overdo it on your special day. It’s akin to those wedding couples who spent many thousands of dollars on their wedding day, got into debt, and forget that they need to survive the rest of their life as well.

Figure out what your budget for the birthday party is and stick to it. You don’t want to put the whole thing on your credit card and then lament the shindig because you get stuck paying for it for years. 

Also, there are lots of ways you can get a better deal on the birthday party venue cost. You could choose a weekday rather than a weekend. Or you could bring in your own food and drinks (inquire with the venue about this first). 

You might also get a discount if you book months in advance, so don’t forget to ask the venue salesperson about that. 

How Far Is It From Everyone’s Home?

You want your birthday party venue to be as convenient for your guests as possible. Don’t make them traipse halfway across the city in traffic just to celebrate your birthday with you.

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Also, ensure you have a way for drunk guests to get back home without driving. You don’t want anyone’s injury or death on your conscience, because you weren’t careful enough about this.

Many Birthday Party Venues to Choose From

Don’t get stuck in analysis paralysis, even though you have so many birthday party venues to choose from. Use the criteria we have shared above, and soon you will have a clear contender for your upcoming birthday party. 

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