5 Signs of Low T in Men


Picture the last time you checked out your physique in the mirror. What feelings did you have then? Were you impressed with how you look? Or did you regret your body and wish you had better results?

It could be due to low testosterone if you feel negative about your health, body, or strength. In 2022, about 13 million men suffer from low T in the US.

We’re here to help you out of your misery. Read on to learn more about mens health issues.

1. Decreased Muscle Mass

Low testosterone can result in a marked loss of muscle strength, leading to being easily fatigued. This can lead to issues such as a reduced drive to exercise and partake in physical activity.

Moreover, low testosterone can lead to difficulty building and retaining muscle. This can be observed through a lack of lean muscle mass, a decrease in the size of muscles, and a general decrease in muscularity. Decreased muscle mass is not always a sign of low testosterone but could indicate inadequate protein.

2. Increased Body Fat

This can be especially noticeable in the midsection, where there may be an accumulation of abdominal fat. Low testosterone can also lead to difficulty sleeping, resulting in fatigue and reducing motivation to exercise and maintain healthy body weight.

Such low levels will also often cause medical issues with mood and depression, which can directly affect weight gain. Low testosterone is complex and can significantly impact physical male health, philosophy, and lifestyle. 

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3. Mood Changes

Low testosterone can cause a man to feel depressed and have difficulty concentrating. If a man has poor mood swings and is excessively irritable, it may be a sign of low testosterone. Anxiety, fatigue, and low self-confidence are other signs of low testosterone. 

4. Smaller Testicle and Penis Size

In many cases, men with low testosterone have smaller penises and testicles than their peers. This is often the most noticeable sign and a source of embarrassment for men. In addition, erections may not be as firm or disappear entirely when testosterone is low.

Lastly, reduced semen volume may also be experienced when testosterone levels are low. If men experience any of these symptoms, it’s best to consult a doctor and determine if you need a customized low testosterone treatment.

5. Low Sex Drive

Reduced testosterone levels are a big reason for decreased libido and arousal. Biological factors such as aging, hormones, and medical conditions can be contributors to low sex drive in men.

It is important for men to be aware of these potential causes so they can take the necessary steps to improve their sex life. By taking the time to address and treat the underlying issues, a man will experience an increase in his sex drive.

Understanding Mens Health Issues

Mens health issues can cause several uncomfortable symptoms and put them at risk for various health concerns. By understanding the signs associated with Low T and taking action when symptoms occur, men can live healthier, happier lives. 

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