5 Ways to Use Custom Ribbons for Promoting Your Business


Ribbons are an inexpensive and easy way to boost your packaging, support your charity fundraiser, or even tie together your wedding decor! They’re flexible, fun, and can do so much to help you promote your business in style.

But you may feel at a loss on how to use them. After all, there are so many options for custom ribbons out there that it can be hard to know how to start planning! That’s why we’re here to lend a hand.

Read on for the best ribbon-tying tricks and where they fit into your marketing strategy.

1. Use It for Packaging

Custom ribbons are an excellent tool for promoting businesses because they can be used in a variety of ways. Among the most fascinating of these is to use it for packaging. Adding a custom printed ribbon to your packaging is a powerful way to boost brand recognition, as it will be a recurring part of your consumers’ experience with your business.

Custom ribbons can be used to accentuate existing packaging designs, or to create specific packaging looks that have the look, feel, and character of your brand. Custom ribbons can also be used to mark special occasions, such as discounts and promotions, or to reward customers with loyalty points.

They can also add personality to your packaging and make it stand out from the competition. These woven ribbons are one of the best examples of customized ribbons.

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2. Making Gifts

Custom ribbons are an exciting way to promote your business or make gifts for any special occasion. Personalized ribbons add an extra special touch to wrapping gifts, creating an extra beautiful presentation. There are a few main ways to use custom ribbons to promote your business or make gifts.

You can personalize the ribbon with the recipient’s name or a special message like “Happy Birthday” or “Thank You”. You can add your logo or branding to your ribbons for a professional yet personalized touch.

Connect with clients or customers to show appreciation for their loyalty or special opportunities with customized ribbons. Custom ribbon printing has been one of the classic promoting strategies for businesses.

3. Swing Tickets

Custom ribbons can be used in a variety of ways to promote your business when it comes to swing tickets. Ribbon tags can be printed with a logo, slogan, or number depending on the specific requirements. They can be used as an additional way to attract people’s attention to your company or products.

Ribbons can also be used to increase brand recognition as they are unique and eye-catching and can help create a stronger connection with the customer. They can be used on swing tickets for promotional offers, discounts or just to provide information about the product or company.

Ribbons can add a great visual element to swing tickets, making them stand out from the crowd and draw customers in. In addition, ribbons can be used to create a sense of exclusivity or urgency around promotions or products, as well as help people remember your company or product.

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4. Zipper Pulls

Custom ribbon zipper pulls are great for businesses wanting to promote a company. This is because it can be used to create a decorative or creative look while also providing vital information or branding. Zipper pulls are great for a variety of promotional materials, including clothing, bags and luggage, backpacks, and more.

For example, you can have custom logo zipper pulls sewn onto vests, hats, and t-shirts that can be used as giveaways. You can even have your contact information printed on the zipper for added promotion. Additionally, some businesses have gone further and had their custom ribbons is woven and die-cut into unique shapes.

These can be used as an eye-catching addition to product packaging or even a label. The possibilities for custom ribbons for zipper pulls are endless and can be used in a variety of ways for effective promotional purposes. Custom print ribbon is one of the best ways to help promote your company’s brand.

5. Table & Marquee Decorations

Custom ribbons can be used to promote your table and marquee decorations business in many ways. You can use them to advertise special offers, discounts, or even the business itself. For example, you can create custom ribbons with your logo and colors, then attach them to banners and tables at trade shows and events.

They can also be used as decorations on wedding tables or marquees to add a unique touch to the decor. You can use custom ribbons to tie around the furniture to personalize the look of your marquee or as a part of your design for the table decoration setup.

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They can also be used as accents in wedding invitations or on product packaging. When used correctly and consistently, custom ribbon print can be an effective way to promote your business.

Use Custom Ribbons for Your Business

Using custom ribbons for your business is a great way to establish recognition and increase visibility. You can offer them as giveaways, add them to gift baskets, craft them into a clothing line, or even use them as accessories.

Custom logo ribbon is one of the oldest tricks in promoting your business. It is also known to be effective in attracting customers.

Remember to make the design eye-catching and ensure the ribbon, name, logo, and message are clear. Start increasing brand awareness with these custom-made ribbons today!

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