10 Business-Branded Items to Use in Your Promotional Strategies


Did you know it can take up to seven impressions for people to remember a brand? Therefore, you need to make sure consumers see your company’s branding frequently, and one of the best ways to do this is to use business-branded items.

The tricky part is choosing the right promotional products to provide value for money. Making the wrong decisions could drain your company’s marketing budget for little gain, but making the right choices can attract plenty of new customers.

There’s a lot to consider when selecting promotional products, so let’s look at ten great options.

1. Water Bottles

People are becoming more health conscious and understand the importance of staying hydrated. But, this is easier said than done if your customers have busy lifestyles. 

One way to solve this problem while boosting your company’s profile is to provide clients with branded water bottles. Plenty of surface area on a water bottle allows you to add your business name, logo, and even images in eye-catching bright colors.

This can be a great promotional gift that will get constant use from your happy customers. 

2. Tote Bags

You’ll want to show your clients that your company is doing everything possible to be more eco-friendly. While there are many ways to do this, offering tote bags can be a simple way to display your green credentials. 

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Rather than being wasteful by carrying their shopping in plastic bags that will easily rip and need to be replaced, your customers can use their new tote bags each time they visit the store.

3. Pens 

Pens have been a part of many business promotion strategies over the years. You can order a large number cheaply, giving them away without breaking the bank. 

Customers are likely to use these pens daily, and your branding can provide them with an ongoing reminder of your company name. This can be an excellent way to keep your business at the forefront of a client’s mind, especially when they are ready to place a new order. 

4. Umbrellas

Umbrellas may not be a good option for a promotional item during every season, but they can be one of the best types of merchandise to give customers when the weather is inclement. 

If clients use your umbrella as they walk from one location to another, this is an excellent form of free advertising for your company.

Or, they could be staying dry under your branded umbrella when standing at a sporting event surrounded by a large number of spectators. Again, this is a superb way to get your company’s name out amongst a wider audience. 

5. Beverage Coasters

Whether it’s keeping a hot drink from touching a desk or stopping a cold drink from dripping condensation on a table, beverage coasters are items that get a considerable amount of use.

To encourage brand loyalty for your business, you could present customers with a set of coasters for use in their homes or offices. Each time they lift their beverage, they’ll see your business’s name and logo. 

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6. Baseball Caps

People wear baseball caps to keep the sun out of their eyes, stay warm on a chilly day, and cover up their hair when it’s messy. As there are so many times when baseball caps come in handy, they are sure to be a welcome gift when you give them to your customers. 

Remember to brand both the front and back of your caps to make the most of this promotional opportunity.

7. Promotional Calendars

Calendars allow you to experiment with different advertising messages. One month you can promote a specific product, and the following month you can display a thank you message to your customers. 

If you’re looking for a year-round marketing product, a branded calendar can be a brilliant solution. 

8. USB Chargers

One of the more modern marketing trends is to give out branded USB chargers. Your customers are likely to charge their electronic devices daily, and they can use your promotional items to keep their phones and laptops at full power. 

9. Stress Balls

You can add a health and wellness element to your marketing strategy by providing your customers with branded stress balls. Even if your clients don’t use your gift for medical reasons, it can be a fun and quirky present that they enjoy keeping on their desks. 

10. Travel Coffee Mug

Rather than stopping at an expensive coffee shop, customers can keep their energizing beverage warm by using your promotional travel mugs. You could maximize this brand awareness opportunity by asking them to take photos showing where they are when traveling with your mug.

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By linking Instagram to Facebook, you can post these images on one platform, which will automatically appear on the other site. This time-saving strategy can maximize your marketing results while reducing the effort you need to manage your social media accounts. 

Grow Your Company Using Business-Branded Items

There are plenty of business-branded items to choose from, and you can use a mix of promotional products to grow your company.

Water bottles and coffee mugs are great for customers who are always on the go, while a stress ball can be a welcome gift for your busy clients. Giving away baseball caps and umbrellas can also help expand your business’s reach to new audiences.

Before long, your promotional products could bring in a steady stream of new customers. 

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