5 Solutions for Unlocking PDF Files

5 Solutions for Unlocking PDF Files

PDF is the most widely used document format for data sharing in the digital world. There are multiple reasons behind that. For example, it does not change the structure and layout of the text inside a document.

Additionally, it allows users to lock their files with password security to prevent unauthorized use of their papers. However, this can become a headache if you forget your password yourself.

In that case, you fail to access your documents for editing purposes, which can worry you and cause different problems.

Nonetheless, due to technological advancements, different solutions are available on the web that can assist you in unlocking your PDF files.

This blog post will discuss the top platforms where you can enjoy PDF unlocking services.

Five Best Solutions to Unlock PDF Files

You may think that unlocking PDF files is a difficult job to do. However, it isn’t the case.

Instead, it is a simple process, and you can get your job done without any professional skillset. You can take help from different web-based utilities to remove password from PDF files within seconds. All you have to perform are a few clicks, and you will get your files unlocked.

You just need to land on a site that provides a pdf password remover service, drag and drop your desired file directly from your device, or you can select it from your cloud storage and click the “unlock pdf” button.

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Most of the time, the tools will automatically unlock your files. But if they don’t, you must enter the PDF password to start the unlocking process.

As a result, your PDF file gets unlocked, which you can download by tapping the button.

Following are the best channels that provide efficient and remarkable unlock pdf facilities.

1.   Smallseotools.com

Smallseotools provides an excellent service to remove password from protected PDF files. Once you attach your locked PDF file in the input box of this unlock PDF tool and initiate the process, it opens your files within seconds after getting your file code. You can enjoy multiple benefits with the help of this free PDF password remover. For example, you don’t have to wait hours to unlock your files.

Therefore, if you are not getting quick outcomes from the password remover, you should use this tool to complete your task on time.

In addition, it ultimately ensures your privacy as it does not share your added files with any other party. So, you don’t need to worry that your confidential details may get disclosed to others.

Instead, it deletes your files from its database once the unlocking is done. Moreover, its services are thoroughly free so you can unlock an unlimited number of PDF files with its help.

2.   PDF24.org

With the online free unlock PDF facility on this site, you can crack passwords of an unlimited number of files daily. Therefore, if you are working in the tax department where you receive confidential details of different citizens in locked PDF files, you can use this software to unlock those files to view and edit the credentials as per your job.

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Moreover, you don’t have to install any program on your device to benefit from this service. Instead, all you need is a stable internet connection, and you are good to go to take advantage of this amenity.

3.   Searchenginereports.net

The PDF password checker on this site to eliminate the lock on your files is impeccable. You can make your files password free without much hassle.

Additionally, this free tool eradicates lock from your files without damaging the pattern and content in your files. Thus, you don’t have to worry about structuring your files again after removing the password.

Moreover, you are not asked to see advertisements to benefit from this service. Thus, you can keep on doing your work without any breaks. As a result, your productivity rate increases, and you also save yourself considerable time.

4.   PDF2go.com

This is another trustworthy platform for using the PDF password remover utility. This tool is compatible with all sorts of devices. It means that you can not only relish this service on your personal computer but also on your smartphones, tabs, and laptops.

Thus, you can manage PDF unlocking anywhere in the world without many intricacies if you need to instantly remove the password of any file for professional or academic purposes. In addition, you are not asked to download any software to run this tool.

5.   Smallpdf.com

The PDF password cracker on this site opens the encrypted password file in a blink to make it ready for download.

However, if your given PDF file is fully encrypted, you can crack its lock by providing its password to make it lock-free. You can also enjoy other PDF-related services like merge pdf, split pdf, pdf scanner, and pdf converter without paying any penny, which is a great value addition.

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Bottom Line

Unlock PDF service is a great utility to relish nowadays, where everything is digitized.

However, there is one additional tip for you to keep an extra copy of vital files because sometimes, even unlocking does not work, which can make your life difficult.

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