Can You Use CBD Hemp Flower to Stop Panic Attacks

Can You Use CBD Hemp Flower to Stop Panic Attacks

Although many individuals mistakenly believe that anxiety attacks and panic disorders are the same, they are two distinct disorders. Stress is often the cause of anxiety episodes. For instance, a person could experience tension or trepidation concerning certain circumstances. The stressor leaves at the same time that anxiety episodes do. You can try CBD hemp flower today.

On the other side, no stressor is present with panic disorders. Instead, it entails sudden, recurrent attacks of intense terror. They often entail dizziness, shortness of breath, stomach pain, and palpitations. The signs of panic attacks may sometimes be mistaken for those of a cardiac arrest or other potentially fatal situations.

Why Do People Get Panic Disorder?

Although hereditary factors seem to be the root of panic disorder, doctors have not yet determined why some individuals get it. Other triggers could include upsetting life events and stressed-out thinking patterns.

Researchers are attempting to identify certain brain areas in both people and animals that may play a role in signaling fear and anxiety during panic attacks. The amygdala is a complicated structure located deep inside the brain. An aberrant activation of this brain region may result in anxiety disorders.

Physical harm or a medical ailment like:

  • Drug withdrawal signs and symptoms
  • The use of stimulants like coffee, cocaine, or methamphetamine
  • Hyperactive thyroid

Can CBD Oil Treat Panic Disorder?

People have long used cannabis as a stress and anxiety reliever. Recent research has shed light on the action mechanism behind the herb’s profoundly calming effects. THC has a relaxing impact on the body in addition to being able to reduce stress. For instance, we know that THC, combined with at least 1% CBD, may lessen tension and anxiety in moderate to low dosages. However, using excessive amounts of THC without considering a person’s tolerance to this substance might backfire and worsen anxiety symptoms.

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Recent research has shown that CBD, a distinct cannabinoid, may also provide significant advantages for those with panic attacks. CBD was examined as a potential therapy for anxiety disorders in a research published in Neurotherapeutics. According to the scientists ‘ findings, preclinical studies demonstrate CBD’s efficacy in reducing stress and anxiety (1).

The above research also suggested CBD as a possible treatment for many anxiety disorders, including GAD, SAD, PT, PTSD, and OCD. Researchers discovered that CBD’s engagement with CB1 and CB2 receptors and 5-HT1A receptors in multiple brain regions was the cause of its anxiolytic effects. Further study of the other CBD-receptor interactions is required to elucidate CBD’s beneficial effects on the brain in more detail.

Preclinical research has shown that CBD has no sedative effects or anxiogenic (anxiety-inducing) qualities. Furthermore, its long-term safety is vastly superior to giving anti-anxiety drugs routinely. Acute CBD dose in healthy individuals has been examined in most research looking at the advantages of Cannabidiol for panic disorder and anxiety. This factor suggests that further investigation is required to establish if the regular dosage is efficient in the appropriate clinical situations.

CBD for Panic Attacks: How to Use It

CBD is available in multiple forms, including oil, topicals, concentrates, pills, candies, vapes, and more. When using Cannabidiol for panic attacks, you may choose from various product varieties. The most popular approaches used by individuals to treat panic disorder are in this section.

Cannabidiol for Panic Disorder

The most favorite item at the moment is, without a doubt, CBD oil drops. CBD will enter your circulation through the small blood arteries in your mouth and bypass the liver’s first-pass processing. When taking CBD in this form, the user must insert the necessary dosage beneath the tongue for around 100 seconds and then swallow. After ingestion, the impacts of Cannabis oil are felt within 15–30 minutes and persist for, on average, 4-6 hours. If you anticipate having a panic attack and wish to stop it by soothing your nervous system, CBD oil may help.

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Edibles & Capsules with CBD for Panic Attacks

Gummies and other consumables like capsules are for oral consumption. Before entering circulation, they must go via the digestive system. As a result, the time it takes for the impacts of pills and edibles to start working might range from 30 to 90 minutes. Since CBD works gradually, the benefits stay longer. Depending on the metabolism and the dosage of your capsules/gummies, relief from anxiousness may last 8 to 10 hours.

Vape Pen with CBD for Panic Attacks

The most effective approach to get Cannabidiol into your body is by using a vaporizer pen filled with CBD oil. The vaping CBD oil may heat through vaporization to the point at which CBD-rich vapor forms. After being absorbed into the lungs, this vapor enters circulation through the lung cells. The quickest effects of CBD come through vaping; they often happen 5–10 mins after inhalation. Because most inhaled substances enter the bloodstream, CBD vapes offer your system the most significant CBD concentrations. The main issue with CBD vape pens is their brief alleviation from anxiety and tension, typically lasting 3–4 hours.

Dosage of CBD for Panic Attacks

If you want CBD oil for panic attacks, we suggest you speak with a doctor knowledgeable about cannabis treatments. If you use anti-anxiety drugs, a skilled physician should be able to guide you on the appropriate dose and schedule to follow to prevent any possible CBD-drug interactions.

Further research is required, especially trials on sizable groups that include female participants, to establish an appropriate dose range for patients with panic attacks. The ideal strategy is to start small and gradually increase your dosage to the CBD concentration that gives you the appropriate relief. Depending on your metabolism, weight, and the intensity of your panic episodes, you may try it with various doses.

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Cannabis may be a beneficial and safe alternative to the standard treatment choices for panic disorder and panic attacks, according to recent studies on the topic. CBD is accessible in a variety of ways. CBD-rich flowers are the most minor processed form, but they are its least concentrated product. Choose items like CBD oil, pills, edibles, or vapes if you want a robust version of the drug. Try out various intake styles and dosages to discover the one that works for you.

Dosage of CBD for Panic Attacks

The research we have covered above supports any claims that CBD is useful for treating panic attacks, but they scratch the surface of what CBD can do for your health. Scientists now have more options to assess the performance, including full-spectrum products, and contrast them with those based on isolation because of the wide variety of CBD extracts available. Most CBD products on the market originate from hemp plants, which may be grown legally in the United States as long as their THC content is less than 0.3%.


Before spending your hard-earned money with any firm that offers CBD oil online, conduct your homework since the FDA does not regulate CBD products. Look for reliable businesses that provide organic goods that have been potentiated and thoroughly examined in independent testing facilities.

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