What to Look For in a Student Apartment

What to Look For in a Student Apartment

Are you a college student entering your freshman year? If you’re worried about finding somewhere safe and affordable to live, then you’ve come to the right place.

Living in a student apartment is advantageous as it offers a number of different features, as well as security and safety. Keep reading our guide to choosing the best student apartment for you.

Location and Transportation Options

When looking at different apartment complexes, it’s important to look at their proximity to grocery stores, restaurants, and other necessary amenities.

It’s also important to consider how close the property is to public transportation. Some students choose to invest in a vehicle for easier transportation. It makes sense to look for apartments with ample parking or nearby garages with monthly parking permits.

If a student plans to rely on public transportation, it is important to discover how far the apartment is from the nearest bus or train station. Know if there are any available shuttles or other ride-sharing services in the area.

Security and Safety Features

Living in a student apartment offers peace of mind knowing all the safety and security features have been taken into account.

When shopping for the best student apartments, look for a building that offers secure entry, such as keypads or card-controlled mechanisms. Security staff or security camera systems should be in place to ensure that all residents feel safe while living in the area, including regular patrols around the property.

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Entrances and exits should all be well-lit for added visibility. The apartments should also offer features that can alert appropriate services on site, such as fire or smoke alarms, as well as emergency evacuation and contact plans posted in common areas.

Lastly, it’s important to confirm that the apartments have specific safety measures to prevent criminal activities, such as regularly changed locks and an emergency response plan that is readily available to the residents.


Rent can become a serious expense, so affordability is key, and there are many cost-effective living options available. Researching prices for different apartments in your area can give you an idea of which is the most feasible for your budget. You may find that it’s worthwhile to sacrifice certain amenities if the cost savings are substantial.

Additionally, it’s important to keep in mind other costs like

  • security deposits
  • utility bills
  • parking fees

Lease Terms and Regulations

Be sure to read through the lease carefully and pay attention to the details. Check to see if the length of the lease matches what you need, whether it’s a month-to-month or a longer-term contract. Be sure to know what is expected in terms of rent and utilities, any pet restrictions, and mandatory cleaning requirements.

Lastly, it would be wise to check on the property manager’s policy on noise and other related topics. Doing thorough research on the lease terms and regulations can help ensure a satisfactory experience while renting an off-campus apartment.

Find a Student Apartment Today

Choosing the right student apartment is a big decision. Take your time and research the different options in your area so you can make the best decision for yourself. Don’t forget to ask for a tour before you sign the lease!

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