4 Escape Room Tips for Beginners


One of the most exciting activities that you can partake in is an escape room. Despite their pure difficulty, they’re incredibly fun to do with a group of friends.

And why not? You’re practically a part of the game!

If you’ve been working up the courage to try one out, be sure to read these escape room tips for beginners. Hopefully, they help you beat the room and show everyone that you can be a team player. 

1. Work as a Team

Escape rooms are an exciting and captivating form of entertainment. Beginner teams should remember to work as a team and take the time to strategize and think through solutions. This is most beneficial if team members can offer different skills, experiences, and perspectives on how to approach the challenge.

Communication is key to success. Speaking up about what clues have already been solved, what puzzles still have to be accomplished, and creating a plan on how to tackle the task at hand. One of the most important tips for beginners is working together, which can help solve puzzles faster and more effectively.

2. Pay Attention to Details

For beginners, the key to success is in the details. Paying attention to details is paramount when solving these puzzles. Start by looking closely at your environment and closely observing the room for clues. Search for hidden objects, listen for audio clues, and inspect any pictures or metaphors.

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Study the clues, have a look at obvious hints, and use your logical reasoning and team communication. See how pieces fit together and are diligent in deducing how to escape. Even the smallest clues can be overlooked so search persistently for all objects or clues that could provide a hint to your ultimate escape.

3. Don’t Waste Time and Overthink

When attempting an escape room, it is important to not spend too much time on any given task or puzzle. Try to think out of the box and move quickly, because time can become an issue. Don’t get too deep into the details, or become obsessed with a certain solution to any given puzzle.

In an escape room, the goal is to use the allotted time to complete all of the puzzles and move on to the next task. This may require a step-by-step approach. Take note that overthinking can lead to confusion, which may result in missed possibilities or dead ends.

4. Use Hints Wisely

As a beginner, it’s important to use hints wisely. Most escape rooms provide timed hints to help people progress in the game, and it’s important to use these strategically. Sometimes, it’s better to spend more time figuring out some of the puzzles without using a hint, as this can be more rewarding.

Always be sure to pause and assess the situation first before using a hint. That way, you can figure out what you’re stuck on before diving into a hint. With thoughtful and careful use of hints, as well as team collaboration, beginners can be sure to maximize the fun and learn from their escape room experience.

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Consider These Escape Room Tips

In conclusion, the escape room tips found in this article provide some great key points on how to make the most out of your escape room experience – from mentally preparing beforehand to strategizing onsite.

So, if you’re ready to take on your next escape room challenge, consider these tips and have fun!

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