How to Preserve Your Bottle of Sparkling Wine


Did you know that there are 22 kinds of beverages globally? Each of them has a story behind it, whether they’re alcoholic or not.

So, have you recently purchased expensive and delicious sparkling wine to enjoy over the holidays? Sparkling Wine is a celebratory drink that adds a touch of elegance to any occasion. However, preserving an opened bottle of sparkling wine can be challenging, as the bubbles dissipate faster once the bottle is opened.

While Sparkling Wine doesn’t travel well, you can still take simple steps to preserve it. Keep it fresh for several days by following the instructions below. Keep that bottle of wine fresh for as long as possible to enjoy every sip for weeks!

Keep the Bottle Chilled

Sparkling wine should always be served cold. It is imperative when preserving an opened bottle.

The more complex the wine is, the slower the bubbles will dissipate. Store the opened bottle in the refrigerator until you can drink it again. If you don’t have room in your fridge, a cellar, pantry, or a cool and dark place will also preserve wine.

Don’t Shake the Bottle

It’s best to be gentle and avoid shaking all kinds of bottles of wine, especially when opening them. Shaking the bottle can cause the bubbles to dissipate faster, shortening the wine’s lifespan.

Instead, twist the bottle’s cork until it comes loose, slowly easing it out. That will help preserve the wine’s bubbles and keep it fizzy longer.

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Use a Wine Preservation System

Investing in a sparkling wine preserver may be a good idea! These systems work by replacing the air in the bottle with a neutral gas.

Argon or nitrogen helps preserve the wine’s bubbles and flavor. Some sparkling wine preservation systems come with a stopper, while others are designed to be used with a unique closure.

A wine preservation system can be used on different types of wine and even champagne bottles. You’ll need to remove some of the wine through decanting to use one.

Insert the preservation system’s tube into the bottle, pull the lever to start the gas flow, and re-cork the bottle. The system will inject enough argon to displace the oxygen, which will help preserve the sparkling wine’s carbonation, taste, and aroma.

After each use, the system must be cleaned and returned to the sealed container for subsequent use. This system is an easy and efficient way to keep a sparkling wine bottle fresh until you enjoy its bubbly goodness.

Use a Wine Stopper

A wine stopper is a simple but effective tool for preserving an opened sparkling wine bottle. It seals the bottle and prevents air from getting in.

For more info., it slows down the loss of carbonation. To use a wine stopper, insert it into the bottle’s neck and press down firmly. Ensure the stopper is tight and secure to prevent air from seeping in.

Use These Tips to Keep Your Bottles of Sparkling Wine Fresh and Fizzy

Preserving an opened bottle of Sparkling Wine requires a little effort and care. It’s well worth extending the wine’s lifespan and keeping it fizzy and fresh.

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Using these tips, you can help preserve your sparkling wine’s bubbles and flavor for several days. Remember to enjoy it sooner rather than later, as sparkling wine is always best when it’s fresh and effervescent!

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