Brief Description About Banyan Tree

Brief Description About Banyan Tree

Banyan Tree Native Place

Banyan Tree Native Place

The banyan tree is one of California’s most beloved trees. While it’s a bit delicate in appearance, it’s an amazing tree with an interesting history. The banyan was brought from Asia to California around the turn of the century. It was initially harvested for its timber but soon became popular for its lovely flowers and foliage. The banyan tree is native to China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. However, in California, it’s known as the California Redwood. It was initially planted in San Francisco’s Chinatown as an ornamental plant.

History And Propagation Of Banyan Tree

History And Propagation Of Banyan Tree

In 1992, the California State Fair authorized the planting and caring for banyan trees. It also announced plans to make the banyan tree an official tree. In the years since, banyan tree care has steadily increased and there are now thousands of banyan trees in California. Banyan tree maintenance is a popular career option because the banyan tree is easy to maintain and is very versatile.Banyan tree propagation done by seeds and softwood cuttings

Banyan Trees Are Deciduous In Nature

Banyan Trees Are Deciduous In Nature

Banyan trees are deciduous trees, which means they lose their leaves during the winter. They bloom again in the spring. Banyan trees have branches that are interwoven. As such, banyan trees are excellent at providing shade for smaller areas. Banyan trees are a perennial herb and grow up to seven feet high. Their roots can be uprooted easily.

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What Is Special About Banyan Tree

Banyan has a long history of use in home landscaping. It is typically used as a backdrop, shade tree or fence. Banyan tree foliage adds a beautiful touch to any area. Due to banyan tree foliage, it is popularly used as a natural weed barrier. Banyan is a member of the soapberry plant family. Soapberry trees are native to southern Asia, most frequently Vietnam and Cambodia. The banyan tree can be found in abundance in tropical forests. Banyan trees grow to about a height of ten feet and there are a wide variety of banyan trees. Some species are deciduous, some semi-dormant and some grow in dense thickets.

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Types Of Banyan Tree

There are three main types of banyan tree.

  • The banyan palm tree produces the popular banyan pillows.
  • The banyan cherry tree produces the banyan wood furniture.
  • The last main type of banyan tree is the Chinese elm palm which is a pestlike relative of the banyan tree. All of the banyan trees are known for their wood and paper products.

Banyan Tree As Indoor And Outdoor Plant

Banyan trees are an excellent choice for your home or office decoration. The large leaves make an interesting centerpiece for parties and other functions. Banyan trees lend themselves to being used in indoor and outdoor gardens as well. Banyan tree flowers are available in a wide variety of colors. They are a great complement to the colors of fall decorating.

Banyan Tree Used In Residential Landscaping

The most commonly grown banyan tree is the Chinese elm banyan tree. Other popular banyan tree varieties are the Purple Pinchotree, the Carolina Spring Elm, the Japanese Anemone, and the Silver Eelgrass.Banyan trees are now starting to pop up in residential landscaping. You can find banyan style chairs, tables, planters, etc. at most big box retailers like WalMart and Target. Buying a banyan tree is a much more personal gift. The trees can be shipped very easily. You can even have the banyan tree custom made.

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Banyan Tree Required Minimum Care

Banyan trees are very easy to care for. Most require minimal watering. You must never water the banyan tree in the summer time as the leaves will become too dry. Bamboo water sprays work great as they will not get the tree wet. Bamboo needles will also keep the soil cool and prevent it from drying out. If you live in an area that has a lot of drought then you may want to consider banyan hedges to protect your banyan trees.

Buy Banyan Tree From A Reputable Store

If you are thinking about buying a banyan tree, make sure you are buying one that will last for a long time without becoming damaged. You should check with the store where you are buying the tree about the care instructions. It would be a good idea to buy your tree from a reputable store. The tree should be guaranteed for a certain length of time. I hope you enjoy growing a banyan tree.

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