Advantages of investing in a Microsoft 365 backup plan

Advantages of investing in a Microsoft 365 backup plan

Backup plans can protect against data loss

First, it’s clear that every Office 365 backup Solution protects you and your business from unexpected data loss. If you’ve ever had a hard drive crash or your computer got a virus, backups are important.

Accidental deletion is common in a work environment. Backup is more than just finding documents in the Recycle Bin. That is to get your system back up and running and revert your data to your last backup. By protecting against data loss, backups resume daily operations and help save your business from irreparable damage.

Backup plans can ensure business continuity Business continuity

Planning is essential to ensure that your business can recover from data loss. The loss of business-critical data can be catastrophic. For example, let’s say your company loses access to email, databases, and spreadsheets. Can you work efficiently?

Microsoft 365 backup is a core component of any business continuity plan. You need to know how much data you can afford to lose before business continuity is severely impacted. Knowing this, you can decide how often to back up your data.

When working with a customer to implement a Microsoft 365 backup plan, we work with the customer to create an effective business continuity plan. Our backups give you peace of mind that your data can be restored quickly. And with proactive management, you can rest assured that your backups are seamlessly managed. Not only that, Apps4rent provides Cloud Desktop Service which helps you to back up and operate your data with 100% safety with authenticated logging in for their users.

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A backup plan will help you to comply with security regulations and make it 100% safe.

This is a big business advantage. The Information Commissioner’s Office takes security breaches very seriously and GDPR violations can result in hefty fines. However, a comprehensive backup schedule and proactive data management can show you how to mitigate loss and take steps to protect your company’s data.

Especially in many industries, there are clear compliance processes that must be followed. For example, if you have a government contract, you need demonstrable evidence that you are proactively protecting your data. In addition to our Cyber Essentials certification, MS 365 backup plans can help you with any regulatory or compliance process.

A Backup plan can save you money

Losing data can be expensive if you’re not prepared. Not only does this cause significant downtime and the cost of hiring a professional IT technician to recover your files, but data loss can also damage your reputation.

Backup plans can help you save money in a few ways. First, a proactively managed plan should help you recover data quickly and easily (and minimize lost productivity), yet help you budget effectively. With Managed Microsoft 365 Backup, you get a cost-effective solution that meets your business needs. What’s more, you can benefit from a backup solution that adapts to your business and saves you valuable time and money in retrieving your data.


With Microsoft 365, you can remotely back up Office 365 using our range of hosted solutions – including enterprise infrastructure. As one of the best hosting providers, Apps4Rent also ensures that your data is safe by completely backing up your data with Azure Backup solutions and preventing any harm by storing it in the cloud with 24×7 optimum active support.

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