How Do Real Time Customer Data Platforms Work?

How Do Real Time Customer Data Platforms Work?

Real-Time Customer Data Platforms are platforms that collect and process customer data. The platform is a single source of truth for all customer interactions, including transactional, behavioral and contextual information. This allows businesses to gain greater insight into their customers and personalize campaigns and messages in real-time.

Real-Time Customer Data Platforms (RTCDP)

A real-time CDP system allows for real-time integration and analysis of multiple data sources. The RTCDP is often used as a customer relationship management (CRM) system, but it contains many additional features that can be leveraged to improve customer contact and business performance.

RTCDPs are like CRMs on steroids because they allow users to access customer information from multiple sources with just one click. This technology has been gaining popularity over the years, especially with companies looking for ways to increase efficiency while reducing costs.

Collection of Data

A Real-Time Customer Data Platform is a system that collects customer data from multiple sources and channels. This includes data from different devices, network connections, applications, and users.

A typical RTDDP collects data from:

  • Applications (web or mobile)
  • Websites (web or mobile)
  • IoT devices such as smartwatches and connected cars

Linking Individual customer’s identities to multiple devices

The ability to link individual customers’ identities to multiple devices is important for brands that want to understand how their customers interact with them across more than one device, for example, a brand with an app, website and in-store kiosks. If the brand wants to know what content is consumed on each of these channels, then they need to be able to identify the person who has accessed each of those channels so it can provide them with relevant messaging across all channels.

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Enables Business to Understand their Customers

With a Real Time Customer Data Platform, businesses can get a 360-degree view of their customers. They can see their customers’ past, current and future behavior and preferences. This allows them to understand who exactly is interacting with the company at any given time.

Businesses also gain access to a wealth of information about the customer’s purchase history, demographics and interests when they use this technology.

Personalize campaigns and messages as well as trigger real-time actions.

  • Personalize campaigns and messages: you can use this data to personalize campaigns and messages. This is especially important in the customer service context, where it’s not just about getting a message across but also ensuring that your brand is always represented as best possible.
  • Trigger real-time actions: you can also trigger real-time actions based on customer data. For example, suppose a customer has complained about poor service or product quality. In that case, you can send them an automated message offering them compensation to resolve their issues with your company.
  • Improve customer experience: using this information will help improve your customers’ experience with your company by enabling them to receive tailored messages relevant to their needs at any given moment in time.

Adobe Real-Time CDP experts say, “Real-time B2C and B2B profiles with instant activation and personalization for every customer across every touchpoint, every time.”

You have seen how RTCDP can help businesses to understand their customers better. This is important since it lets them personalize campaigns and messages and trigger real-time actions. So, after knowing these features, you sure know why you need a CDP. Start your hunt and get the best solution.

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