Top 20 Hidden Gems Streaming Right Now on HBO Max in UK

Streaming Right Now on HBO Max

Looking to expand your streaming horizons? HBO Max in the UK is a treasure trove of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. While popular titles often take the spotlight, there’s a wealth of underrated movies and series just a click away.

Whether you’re a fan of thrilling dramas, quirky comedies, or thought-provoking documentaries, we’ve curated a list of the top 20 hidden gems currently available to stream on HBO Max in the UK. Get ready to explore captivating narratives and unforgettable performances as you dive into these lesser-known but highly rewarding treasures. Stream HBO Max in UK and unlock a world of entertainment that deserves to be seen.

20 Hidden Gems on HBO Max in UK

Lovecraft Country

A spellbinding synthesis of horror, historical fiction, and social critique is found in “Lovecraft Country”. The series, which is set in 1950s America, follows Atticus Freeman and his pals as they deal with prejudice and ghostly terrors. It’s a fascinating hidden treasure with superb storyline and outstanding acting.


You enter the high-stakes world of investment banking with “Industry”. The lives of ambitious graduates competing for scarce places in a prestigious financial business are examined in this British television series. “Industry” is an underrated treasure worth viewing with its honest representation of business culture and gripping storylines.

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Minding the Gap

A moving documentary called “Minding the Gap” examines friendship, adulthood, and the difficulties skateboarders face in the Rust Belt. A compelling tapestry of feelings and narratives is woven by director Bing Liu, leaving a lasting impression.


Following Amy Jellicoe’s quest of self-discovery and repentance following a public breakdown, “Enlightened” stars Laura Dern. Drama, dark humor, and compassion are expertly balanced in this critically acclaimed series.

Search Party

A dark comedy series called “Search Party” follows a group of millennials as they look for a lost college friend. It gives a new perspective on mystery and examines contemporary relationships while fusing humor, suspense, and social criticism.

Blinded by the Light

In 1987 Britain, “Blinded by the Light” is a touching coming-of-age movie. Teenager Javed, who is British and Pakistani, finds comfort and motivation in Bruce Springsteen’s songs. It’s a great cinematic joy with contagious energy and stirring themes of identity and self-discovery.

The Leftovers

Damon Lindelof’s suspenseful television series “The Leftovers” explores what happens after a catastrophic catastrophe where 2% of the world’s population vanishes. It stretches the limits of storytelling with its examination of loss, spirituality, and human connection.


The remarkable Best Picture-winning picture “Moonlight” follows a young African-American man named Chiron through three crucial periods of his life. It tackles topics of identity, love, and self-acceptance with a great compassion via intimate and beautiful narrative.

I May Destroy You

Michaela Coel’s ground-breaking “I May Destroy You” series addresses consent, trauma, and identity. It subverts social standards with its bare honesty and fascinating performances.

The Vast of Night

The intriguing science fiction thriller “The Vast of Night” takes place in 1950s New Mexico. It’s a must-watch for genre fans thanks to its evocative writing and excellent acting.

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Gentleman Jack

The historical drama series “Gentleman Jack” is based on Anne Lister’s diaries, a prominent lesbian landowner in 19th-century England. It emphasizes historical LGBTQ+ figures’ battles for acceptance.

The Fall

The suspenseful psychological thriller ‘The Fall’ is set in Belfast and follows a detective as he pursues a serial murderer while facing his own problems. It provides a terrifying viewing experience with dramatic suspense and excellent acting.

First Cow

“First Cow” is a subdued and reflective movie that takes place in the American Northwest in the 1820s. It follows two pals who are out in the bush trying to succeed. It provides a mesmerising experience with poetic storytelling and gorgeous cinematography.


A Spanish television series called “Patria” examines how the Basque war has affected two families. It explores the complicated feelings and secrets of a community split apart by violence from a variety of perspectives.

Leave No Trace

The heartfelt drama “Leave No Trace” is about an Oregon father and daughter who live off the grid. It examines familial ties and the struggle for identity in the face of cultural pressure.


“Chernobyl” is a critically acclaimed miniseries that chronicles the devastating nuclear disaster of 1986. With its meticulous attention to detail, powerful performances, and harrowing portrayal of the human cost of the event, this hidden gem stands as a testament to the consequences of hubris and the resilience of the human spirit.

In Treatment

The fascinating television show “In Treatment” explores the world of treatment. It gives a thorough examination of the human psyche through compelling performances and great narrative.

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The Art of Self-Defense

A dark comedy movie called “The Art of Self-Defense” mocks toxic masculinity. It explores Casey’s need for power and belonging as he enrolls in a karate class to help him deal with his concerns.


The riveting drama series “Treme,” produced by David Simon, is based in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. It honors a community’s tenacity while showcasing interesting individuals, captivating music, and social criticism.


A Japanese play named “Shoplifters” that won the Palme d’Or examines the dynamics of an adopted family. It gives a thought-provoking movie experience with themes of love and loyalty.


Streaming on HBO Max UK, these 20 hidden gems offer a gateway to a world of captivating storytelling, outstanding performances, and profound themes. From gripping dramas to thought-provoking documentaries, each title on this curated list brings something unique and deserving of recognition.

So, venture beyond the well-known and popular titles, and dive into the enriching and unforgettable experiences waiting to be discovered on HBO Max. Stream these hidden gems on your preferred streaming devices and let them transport you to worlds of untold stories and undiscovered brilliance.

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