The Complete Guide to Managing Cloud Data for Businesses


Although it was not that long ago that cloud computing first became available, in 2022, the market was already worth $483 billion! Not only that, but experts are predicting that this market will continue to grow at a rate of about 14% each year until 2030 at least. That growth rate is fast enough for the whole market to more than double in value in only six years.

This amazing rate of growth is a testament to the amazing value that many people and businesses find by using the cloud. However, it also means that managing cloud data the right way is becoming a more important part of standard business operations.

The increasing popularity of cloud storage also means that it is becoming more of a target for bad actors. As a result, using proper security practices while managing cloud data is becoming more crucial than ever before. So what do you need to know to make sure you are managing your cloud data safely and efficiently?

Read on to learn all about the most important steps to take to manage your business’s cloud data!

Improve Cloud Data Security With Strong Passwords

When businesses first started using the cloud, some people wondered if it might be unsafe. However, it has become clear in recent years that the cloud provides some of the best security around. At the same time, not everyone knows how to make use of the excellent security that the cloud can provide.

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It is essential that you establish the right cloud practices to make sure that your data is safe. One of the biggest ways that people still leave themselves vulnerable while using the cloud is by using weak passwords.

One of the reasons it is difficult for people to use strong passwords is that there are a lot of misconceptions about what makes for a strong password. A lot of people think that adding different characters or numbers will make their password more difficult for another person to guess. However, this betrays a misunderstanding about how password security works.

In the vast majority of cases, people do not try to guess passwords. Instead, they use computers to guess huge numbers of possible passwords. These computers can check passwords with unusual characters and numbers as easily as any other password.

What they can’t do is guess huge numbers of long passwords. The longer your password is, the longer it will take computer systems to guess your password by brute force.

That means that making your password longer and simpler is the perfect way to make it more secure and easier to remember at the same time. For example, a simple phrase like watermelonsandelephants makes an excellent password.

Make sure that everyone that uses your cloud systems has a long password that can resist brute force hacking attempts.

Adjust User Access Privileges

Security breaches often come from the inside of a company. That is one reason why it is so vital to make sure that people do not have more access to your cloud data than they need.

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Make sure to think about which user access privileges each of your users needs. In many cases, it is safer to start by providing people with less access than they might need.

If they turn out to need more access for a specific reason, you can always adjust their privileges quickly. On the other hand, if you provide someone with more access than they need, you may never think about it again.

It is also important to manage your user access privileges because not everyone will understand proper security practices. The less one of your users understands about cybersecurity, the higher the chance they will fall for a hacking scam of some kind.

Warn Employees About Cybercrime

Make sure that your users and employees understand that cybercrime is increasing as the years go by. Everyone who accesses your cloud system will need training on how to keep all of their devices secure.

This is even more important these days because there are so many people who work at a distance and access business systems with personal devices. The more access privileges a user has, the more important it is that they use strong passwords and avoid falling for social engineering scams.

One reason people fall for social hacking is that they do not know about it. Many people still think that hacking has to do with breaking passwords. However, as long as everyone is using strong passwords, your main vulnerability is more likely to be social hacking.

That is when hackers convince victims to reveal sensitive information by pretending to have a valid reason to ask for it. Make sure your employees know not to provide sensitive information to anyone before they verify it with the company.

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Make a Point of Backing up Data

Protecting business data is often as simple as remembering to back it up. Many cloud services offer backup options that businesses never use. Make sure to back up your data even if you don’t expect to lose it.

Explore New Benefits of Cloud Storage

Once your cloud data is safe, make a point of learning more about your cloud capabilities. It can take some time to learn how to make the most of the cloud.

As long as you keep learning, you will be amazed at what the cloud can do for you. Consider reading this hybrid cloud case study to learn more about cloud capabilities that not everyone knows about.

Understand the Most Vital Steps to Managing Cloud Data

In the past, some people wondered if storing data on the cloud might represent a security concern. However, more and more businesses see the cloud as a way to improve security rather than sacrifice it. As long as you are managing cloud data with the right processes, it can be the perfect way to keep your data safe while also saving money.

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