Wearing Brown Nails With Confidence

Wearing Brown Nails With Confidence

Brown Nails Are Very Versatile

A dark brown manicure has a warm, cozy feel and works perfectly with the standard fall palette. This shade is versatile and goes with every neutral color in your wardrobe and makeup. Khloe Kardashian’s signature milk chocolate nail polish is a classic pick for any fall day. The rich, creamy color of this nail color also looks great with jeans and a blazer.

Every Skin Tone Can wear Brown Nails

If you have an olive skin tone, you can try the deep-red shade of terracotta. This color is perfect for people with olive skin because it adds a hint of orange. Choose a light-medium shade for all-over application or a dark, muted accent. A medium-dark shade of brown will be flattering on any skin tone. This color looks best on a nude base. If you want a more intense look, go for a dark-hued color with a white undertone.

Brown Nails For Woman Of African

If you are dark, rich brown, you’ll find a shade of brown that matches your skin tone. If you’re a woman of African descent, you can try a darker brown than the norm. This will make your nails appear shorter. For a more regal look, try wearing a shade of chocolate. Those with darker skin should wear a darker shade than their lighter counterparts. This shade may cause discoloration.

Nail Disorders

To avoid getting brown nails, try to get your nails checked. It’s best to have your nails checked by a doctor to be sure they’re healthy. There are many causes for this discoloration. A lack of vitamin C or thyroid disease may be a contributor. If you have diabetes, you should consider taking anti-diabetic drugs to prevent the condition. You should also try applying a moisturizer daily to prevent dryness.

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Nails Are Indication Of Health Problem

While some brown nails are an indication of a health problem, it’s possible to get them painted in a completely different shade. A darker color of nail polish may mean that your nails have been affected by diabetes. Diabetics should avoid dark-coloured nail polish. They can also cause discoloration in the skin. A dark-coloured nail is an indicator of a weakened immune system. Some people with weakened immune systems are more likely to develop this problem


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