The 5 Best Boarding Schools of 2023


Is your teen acting out and causing discord between the home and school? Consider sending your child away to one of the best boarding schools. Any alternative to a traditional public or private school is a fantastic choice.

Boarding schools do much more than teach rigorous student courses. Each day, they install a sense of discipline and service that kids need nowadays. Find the best boarding schools near you here.

1. Rosenberg

Rosenberg is one of the five best boarding schools of 2023. Situated in a picturesque setting in the heart of Switzerland, it is renowned worldwide for providing a nourishing and academically stimulating learning environment.

Its faculty come from some of the best universities around the world. This makes sure that its students benefit from knowledgeable and experienced educators.

Along with guaranteed small class sizes and personalized care, the impressive campus facilities, including modern laboratories and state-of-the-art gymnasiums, enable the school to provide a truly leading international education.

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2. St. John’s Preparatory School

St John’s Preparatory School is one of the top five boarding schools of 2023. Located in California, St John’s Preparatory School has a diverse student body. It offers various challenging courses, such as AP and Honors courses.

It has an excellent faculty of dedicated staff and teachers. They ensure that each student is treated with respect and cared for with compassion.

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The use of technology in the classroom has helped students to stay up to date on the latest developments in education. The staff is well-trained and knowledgeable in the field of learning.

3. Deerfield Academy

The academic rigor provided at Deerfield prepares students not only for college but also for success in the real world. Through rigorous classes and an incredible faculty, Deerfield offers students a well-rounded education.

Additionally, Deerfield provides countless extracurricular activities. This is both on campus and in the surrounding community. Deerfield’s student body is diverse. This creates an inclusive environment that encourages unique ideas and perspectives.

4. Lawrenceville School

Lawrenceville School operates on a need-blind admission process. It has a commitment to diversity and inclusion. The philanthropic efforts of the school are celebrated and appreciated. They strive to create a better future for the students that they welcome each year.

Lawrenceville’s world-class faculty, modern amenities, excellent infrastructure, and opportunities for students to engage in meaningful research are all factors that have helped Lawrenceville secure its position as one of the best boarding schools.

5. Upper Canada College

With a history stretching back to 1829, Upper Canada College is the oldest independent school in Ontario. The school’s impressive academic track record and its commitment to developing the whole person contribute to its ongoing success.

The college’s ongoing commitment to excellence can be seen in its extensive selection of advanced academic offerings and its long list of extracurricular activities.

Upper Canada College is also highly respected for its strong sense of community and its focus on developing strong ethical values. As a result, students at this college are well-prepared for a dynamic, ever-changing, 21st-century world.

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Look for the Best Boarding Schools

Boarding school is more than an education. It is an experience that lasts a lifetime.

The 5 Best Boarding Schools of 2023 offer a unique experience filled with exceptional academics, activities, and opportunities to learn. Consider one of these schools to help you achieve your dream of academic success! Get started on your search today!

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