How to Start an Esthetics Business


The average esthetician salary in the US is $121,827, and you can make considerably more if you run your own prosperous company.

But what do you need to know when opening an esthetics business? When you’re investing a large amount of time and money, it’s vital that you get your venture off to a strong start. 

Although there may be some hurdles to overcome, there are seven steps you can take to give your business the best chance of success.  

Read on to learn more.

Get a Business License and Insurance

The first task on your list should be to obtain a business license and insurance coverage. For a license, you’ll have to provide details such as the company name, address, and business type.

Your insurance should provide cover for many potentially expensive risks that could affect your business. For example, although you are a qualified professional, mistakes can happen and you could accidentally cause damage to a customer’s skin. An insurer will provide indemnity for any such issues to protect your company from financial loss.

Find Funding for Your Esthetics Business

Launching an esthetician business can cost a considerable amount of money, and you’ll likely need to obtain start-up funding. A bank may be willing to offer you a loan if you can show them you have a viable business plan. Alternatively, you could borrow from friends or family members, although this could cause problems with your close relationships if you can’t afford to pay the money back. 

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You can also search for online lenders who are willing to invest in your company. However, before signing a loan agreement, it’s essential to check that the terms are fair. If you commit to borrowing finance that has an unreasonable interest rate, this will eat into your business’s profits.

Rent Suitable Premises 

Buying premises is usually unfeasible as commercial property is so costly. Therefore, you’ll probably be looking for rental options when you’re opening your esthetics spa. The key is to find a balance between paying an affordable price and having a location that is handy for your customers. 

While you might want to work in a high-footfall area such as a city center, the rental prices can be extravagant. In contrast, while you could get a cheap deal on a building that is in a remote location, this could mean clients have to travel long distances for their treatments. 

Look for premises that have parking spaces nearby and easy access to public transport links. This should make it straightforward for clients to get to your salon.

Decide Which Treatments You’ll Offer

You need to choose which treatments you’ll provide to your clients. For example, you might want to offer chemical peels, microneedling, and vitamin facials. Or you could decide to focus on laser hair removal. 

While offering a wide range of treatments can help you attract a large customer base, you may prefer to specialize in a specific area of aesthetics.

Buy Your Esthetics Equipment

You’ll need the right equipment to start your career as a self-employed esthetician. This means you’ll have to purchase items such as facial beds, magnifying lamps, and waxing supplies. You’ll also require a reception desk and comfy chairs for your waiting area. 

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When you’re starting out, it may be prudent to only buy equipment that is absolutely necessary. As you begin to earn money, you can then invest in extras such as display cabinets to help you sell skin creams and other products.

Hire and Train Employees

Your workers are a crucial part of your business. If you hire rude or unqualified staff, this could give your company a poor reputation and make it difficult to find and keep clients. 

But when you hire well-trained staff, they will provide your clients with a first-rate experience. This is why you should only bring on employees that have completed reputable training courses from a top-class company such as the Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy.

You can then have peace of mind that your clients are receiving the highest standards of care.

Market Your Esthetics Business

Before you open your salon doors, you need to tell clients that your business exists. The quickest way to do this is through online advertising. You can list your company in online business directories and use paid ads to make people aware of your services. 

It’s also vital to invest in search engine optimization (SEO) to boost your online presence. This could involve writing blog posts or creating video content that you can post on social media channels and your website.

In addition, you could use offline marketing methods such as sending out flyers or putting posters on local noticeboards. When you provide your first treatments to clients, you’ll find you can benefit from word-of-mouth advertising as people compliment your business. 

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This is also a good time to start asking for testimonials that you can use to attract more customers. 

Start a Lucrative Esthetics Business and Boost Your Income

Opening an esthetics business can be financially and personally rewarding. To start off on the right foot it’s essential to get a business license and insurance. You should also find presentable premises and hire employees that can help you grow your customer base.

You could soon be the proud owner of a thriving esthetics company!

If this post has given you the confidence to open an esthetics business, check out more of our helpful blog articles before you go.


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