How to Pick a Medical Equipment Provider: Everything You Need to Know


As our existence in this mortal coil comes to a close, we often need assistive care for the twilight years of our life. 12 million people, on average, in the US are in need of extensive personal care. This means that an ever-growing portion of people need to pick a medical equipment provider.

Many types of medical equipment are necessary to live in-home rather than at a senior care center. From oxygen tanks to walking rails, these features allow you to live a normal life in a normal home. However, new and used equipment can often be a crapshoot when you’re on the market.

So in this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about picking a medical equipment provider.

Pick a Medical Equipment Provider with Good Online Reviews

Reading online reviews is one of the best tools you have to establish the bona fides of any company. Especially for those who make medical equipment that you need to stay healthy. Online reviews from several different sites will paint a realistic picture of how reliable they are.

Further, learn how to tell good reviews from bad reviews. Sometimes an abundance of one-star or five-star reviews should tip you off that something is not right. If there are too many of the latter, then the provider may have purchased some of the reviews.

Maintain Your Medical Equipment Budget

Medical equipment comes at a considerable markup. You often have few options for equipment providers that won’t blow your finances out of the water. As such, you should seek providers that offer reasonable prices and reasonable quality.

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For example, look for new or used equipment that is at a discount. A website may have a 3m 1870 mask for sale that would be much more expensive at full retail value.

Find All the Options You Need

Perhaps you have a specific medical condition. It requires a unique type of equipment that you can’t find elsewhere. You need to be sure your medical provider supplies it reliably over the course of the time you buy from them.

For example, if they don’t provide a dialysis machine, you would have to have separate orders with different companies. This could be more complicated than simply purchasing everything in the same place.

Get Exceptional Customer Service

Sometimes, things break down. You may need to contact customer service for an RMA or technical support to fix one of your products. But if you have to navigate through a deep redirect menu and never talk to a human, you have a problem.

Make sure your provider provides prompt and effective customer service. If you have to call a dozen times to fix a simple problem, stay far away from them.

Find the Right Medical Provider for You

As you prepare to have an assisted home living situation, you will have to pick a medical equipment provider. Choosing the right one will ensure you have a comfortable, stable experience in the home. Otherwise, you may spend all your free time stressing out about broken medical equipment rather than relaxing.

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