The Complete Guide to Home Selling

Working with a real estate expert is crucial to sell your house for the highest possible price.

Most home sellers dream of a stress-free sale, in which they list their house, quickly find a buyer, and hand over the keys. Sadly, things don’t always turn out that way!

Show Your Home

The home selling process can be complicated. But following this nine-step guide and having a trusted real estate agent from Your Home Wichita can make the whole thing easier.

Keep your home tidy for showings and remove any personal items from the property. It includes taking down political photos, religious images, or family portraits and putting away things like law school textbooks, mail, magazines, and packages.

Turn on the air conditioner and a few lights, so your home will be relaxed and inviting for touring buyers. A pleasant aroma can help set the mood, too — brewing coffee or boiling cinnamon sticks are great options.

Get a Free Home Valuation

It takes a lot of work and involves several house sale processes. One of the most important is determining your home’s value. It is the amount interested buyers will pay for your property.

Fortunately, there are several ways to estimate your home’s value. You can start with an online valuation tool or ask your agent for an appraisal. Both options are free, but an online valuation won’t hold up to a full home appraisal and may not be tailored to your particular home.

Set Your Price

It would be best to decide on a price for your house that will appeal to purchasers while allowing for some wiggle space when you sell it. It may require research on recently sold homes in your area and a look at properties currently on the market.

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Pricing your home above its value will likely lead to fewer offers and a bidding war. Pricing it below its value could trigger more interest and create a “herd mentality” among buyers. However, neither strategy is foolproof, and overpricing can backfire and leave you without the money you need to sell your home.

List Your Home

Home selling involves many moving parts, some outside your control. For example, the location of your house can influence how long it takes to sell and the price you get for it.

The most important thing you can do is to set a fair price. A thorough comparative market analysis (CMA) should be the first step. You can lose money on the sale of your property if you overprice it. But if you price your home too high, it may linger on the market and not sell.


Negotiating is a learned skill that can help you achieve better outcomes and empower yourself in personal and professional situations. Mastering negotiation strategies and techniques, and approaching negotiations with a collaborative mindset, can make you an expert negotiator.

Buyers often employ pencil sharpening and anchoring to pressure sellers into lowering their prices. To counter these strategies, ask open-ended questions that reveal the root of a buyer’s concerns and separate their valid concerns from bluffs and manipulations.

Feel free to withdraw from an agreement if it is not in your best interests.

Close the Sale

Most home sellers dream of a smooth, stress-free sale in which they list their home, quickly find a qualified buyer, and hand over the keys. In reality, the process can be complex. Understanding the entire home selling process is essential, as having a trustworthy real estate professional to help guide you through the steps. This helpful home seller’s guide provides time-tested tactics and a comprehensive checklist that will help you sell your home successfully and avoid home seller’s remorse.

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At closing, you’ll receive a settlement statement that itemizes the money changing hands throughout the transaction, including the real estate agent’s commission, local taxes, recording fees, and final charges for your lender.

Move Out

Moving out on your own may be a big move whether you’re a recent college graduate or someone relocating across the country to pursue your dreams. Moving out on your own may be a significant step. However, if you’ve got the right plan in place — and a real estate professional to guide you through the process — moving out can be an exciting and rewarding experience. 

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