Best Batteries for a Chrysler 200 Model

Batteries for Chrysler 200 Model

You depend on your Chrysler 200 for everything: commuting, errands, weekend getaways, and more. Your battery should be just as dependable as your 200 — and you need the ideal balance of quality, durability, performance, and value. This short guide reviews some popular battery models for your Chrysler with gold- and platinum-level versions that outperform standard OE products.

Powerful Performance-Focused Options

You have several options when choosing a battery for Chrysler 200 vehicles. Top-rated products include the Duralast Platinum AGM, Platinum EFB, and Gold models. All these Duralast batteries are durable, provide consistent performance, and come with a three-year nationwide warranty and free replacement.

Duralast Platinum AGM Battery

Designed to deliver performance and durability, Duralast Platinum AGM batteries are ideal for vehicles with high power demands. Rugged and spill proof, they last through extreme weather conditions while powering your basic vehicle operations plus multiple electronic accessories.

Duralast Platinum EFB Battery

Vehicles with significant power requirements enjoy long-lasting performance from the Duralast Platinum EFB battery. Made for exceptional longevity, this battery’s fortified retainer, full-frame positive grid, and thicker negative grid withstand corrosion and improve its lifespan.

Duralast Gold Battery

Made to exceed OE performance, the Duralast Gold battery provides consistent power in challenging conditions: in extreme cold, excess heat, and everything in between. Enjoy exceptional performance, reliable starting power and longer battery life.

Cutting Edge Technology

The Duralast Platinum AGM and Platinum EFB batteries include advanced performance features. While their technologies differ, both versions are ideal for vehicles with start-stop technology and power-consuming accessories.

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The Platinum AGM model includes an absorbent glass mat: a fiberglass separator that holds and soaks up the battery’s acidic solution between its positive and negative plates. This feature allows maximum surface area for the electrolyte fluid to touch both plates without needing to flood the interior with acid. Besides being spillproof, they’re also better at deep-cycling and last twice as long as their OE counterparts.

Duralast Platinum EFB batteries take regular wet-flooded technology to the next level. They incorporate thicker positive and negative plates, allowing deeper discharges than standard models. With this critical feature, they’re better for supplying consistent power to auto accessories such as HVAC systems and GPS devices. The EFB also includes an exclusive carbon additive that speeds up recharge rates.

When replacing your old battery, don’t forget about recycling. Purchase your replacement at an auto parts retailer that offers car battery recycling.

Power, Durability & Flexibility

All three Duralast models integrate durable materials to withstand harsh operating conditions. The Platinum AGM and EFB batteries offer improved vibration resistance, while the Gold model features an impact-resistant design that also averts vibration damage. These models also deliver high cold cranking amp and reserve capacity values, perfect for cold-weather starting:

  • Platinum AGM: 760 CCA, 130 minutes reserve capacity
  • Platinum EFB: 770 CCA, 150 minutes reserve capacity
  • Gold: 800 CCA, 140 minutes reserve capacity

Duralaist is a private-label AutoZone brand producing parts meeting and exceeding OE standards. You can find Duralast batteries at thousands of AutoZone locations around the country.

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