Magnify Your Productivity Using these Mac keyboard Shortcuts

Magnify Your Productivity Using these Mac keyboard Shortcuts

macOS is well-known for offering the best native features and functionalities to users. Thanks to macOS’s top-tier offerings, the majority of the users prefer using Macs over other devices as their daily driver for working and entertainment. One of the most useful features that facilitate macOS users to work seamlessly on their devices are the OS’s default set of keyboard shortcuts. Using keyboard shortcuts not only allows users to perform specific actions quickly, but also helps them save time. According to Apple, users can use different combinations of Mac keys to perform tasks without hassle. This article will cover some useful keyboard shortcuts implementing which users can enhance their productivity and use their Mac to the best of its abilities. Let us dive right into it:

There arise numerous instances where users have to scroll through long web pages or documents while going through its content with utmost focus. After a while, scrolling using the mouse or trackpad can become tiring. Thankfully, macOS offers users a simple and easy way following which they can conveniently navigate to the top or bottom of any screen instantly. All the user needs to do is press the “Command” and “Up Arrow” keys or the “Command” and “Down Arrow” keys together to reach the top or bottom of any screen respectively.

  • Copy and Paste Text 

The copy and paste feature of macOS is used by millions of users daily to make changes to documents, save important information, etc. However, manually copying and pasting text using the mouse or trackpad can feel like a hassle after some, which is why users should try implementing the keyboard shortcut in their daily workflow. If you are wondering how to copy and paste text on a Mac with ease, one of the most effective methods to do so is using the dedicated keyboard shortcut. All you need to do to copy any text is select the portion that you wish to copy, and press the “Command” and “C” keys together. Similarly, to paste the text, you simply need to press the “Command” and “V” keys together. Using the dedicated keyboard shortcuts for copying and pasting text will not only facilitate you to get the work done efficiently, but also help you save time, which you can invest in doing something productive.

  • Close Any Active Application

The generic way following which the majority of macOS users close any active application or window is by navigating to the top-left corner of their screen using the cursor and clicking on the red-coloured option. Even though the process is not very complicated or time-consuming, there is a better way following which macOS users can close any active window instantly. All you need to do to turn off the currently active window is press the “Command” and “Q” keys together. Doing so will instantly shut down the active window. This keyboard shortcut comes in very handy when users need to close any active application quickly to prevent others from peeping at their Mac’s screen.

  • Turn Off Your Mac

There may arise instances when you do not have enough time to manually close your Mac. Thankfully, you can do it quickly by using macOS’s dedicated keyboard shortcut and save time. To shut down your Mac instantly, all you need to do is press the following keyboard keys together – “Control”, “Option”, “Command” and “Eject”. Ensure that you save all the changes made in any application or program before using the handy shortcut to turn off your Mac.

  • Take Screenshots

Taking shortcuts is one of the most widely-used methods that facilitate users to capture and save important data present on their Mac’s screen. Millions of people capture their Mac screen’s content manually, which requires extra effort and consumes additional time. What most macOS users don’t know is that the OS offers a native keyboard shortcut using which users can instantly capture a screenshot. To take a screenshot of your Mac’s screen, press the “Command”, “Shift”, and “3” keys together. However, if you wish to take a screenshot of only a specific portion of your screen, you need to press the “Command”, “Shift”, and “4” keys together. Taking a customized screenshot helps users avoid the hassle of manually cropping a screenshot using a photo editing tool.

  • Compose an Email

Emails are used by the majority of macOS users daily to communicate with others. Manually opening the Mail application of macOS and opening the “Compose” section takes time. However, there is a simpler and quicker way following which users can navigate to the “Compose” section in the Mail app. Pressing the “Command”, “Shift” and “I” keys together will make your Mail app’s “Compose” section pop-up, using which you can start writing an email and send it to the person or group of people concerned. If your work involves sending tons of emails daily, using this keyboard hack will significantly help you save time.

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If you want to become a power user of Mac and wish to use the device to the best of its capabilities, it would be best to implement the aforementioned keyboard shortcuts in your daily workflow.

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