What Is Mystical Space Typhoon

What Is Mystical Space Typhoon

How Mystical Space Typhoon Card Is Good

Mystical Space Typhoon is a powerful Quick-Play Spell that destroys the target Spell/Trap card on the field. This card is good in many decks, as it can be used to counter continuous spells, traps, and field spells. Its effect is unlimited, so you don’t need to worry about running out of mana or destroying any traps or Spells.

Downside Of Mystical Space Typhoon

The downside of MST is that it is not very effective against decks that contain permanent spells or traps. It’s particularly weak against Noble Knights, Nekroz, and Artifacts. The ability also destroys Pendulum cards, sending them to the Extra Deck. In addition, this spell can cause Macro Cosmos to destroy any Pendulum cards in play. It’s best to avoid using Macro Cosmos to deal with the Pendulum in your deck.┬áIt’s also ineffective against Noble Knights and Artifacts. Furthermore, it’s not effective against the same kinds of monsters that MST can target.

Mystical Space Typhoon is the best choice against Pendulum cards.

In the main phase of the game, MST is the best choice against Pendulum cards. It’s not as powerful against other permanent spells as it is against Artifacts and Nekroz. But it does work well against other creatures, and this spell is a good one against them. The only drawback is that it’s very weak against Noble Knights. Nevertheless, it’s an excellent choice against other decks with Pendulums.

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Mystical Space Typhoon Not A Strong Candidate Against Decks

The main disadvantage of MST is that it’s ineffective against any deck with permanent spells or traps. It’s not a strong candidate against decks with Noble Knights and Nekroz. If you’re using MST, make sure it doesn’t get caught by Macro Cosmos or any other card that can damage it. This card can easily cause the other players’ creatures to fall in your turn.


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