5 Hearty Breakfast Ideas for Holiday Mornings


Are you having trouble deciding what to serve on holiday mornings?

Are you looking to break out of the holiday breakfast rut?

While eggs are acceptable any day of the year, they may get old after a few days. But starting the day with healthy, filling meals flavored with festive spices is essential. If you’re wondering how to mix up your holiday breakfast menu, there are plenty of recipes.

Read our guide to hearty breakfast ideas for holiday mornings to learn more.

1. Overnight French Toast

Who can resist a crunchy, sugary crust going into a warm, sweet center? Best of all, you prepare it the night before, making it one of the ideal holiday breakfast ideas.

Not only is it full of flavor, but it will also leave them energized and ready to tackle their holiday shopping list. So this holiday season, skip the hassles of the early morning scramble and enjoy a delicious, relaxing breakfast with your loved ones. Serve up some overnight French toast and start your special day off right.

2. Baked Oatmeal

It’s a delicious blend of savory oats, chewy apples and cranberries, and a brown sugar topping. This warm and hearty breakfast is a definite favorite for both kids and adults. The combination of crisp apples and tart cranberries gives this oatmeal dish an unbeatable flavor.

3. Waffles

Crispy fluffy waffles made with love using tasty and simple breakfast recipes are the perfect canvass for adding your favorite toppings. The warmth of syrup, accompanied by a dollop of rich whipped cream, will make your holiday morning shine!

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Waffles are versatile, and their flavor and texture can be tailored to suit all tastes. Add a sprinkle of cinnamon, a slice of banana, or even some diced bacon and chopped hazelnuts to make your waffles unique and custom to your cravings.

4. Old-Fashioned Pancakes

The timeless recipe combines melted butter, buttermilk, and a pinch of baking powder to create delicious light and fluffy pancakes. Paired with a great dollop of butter and your favorite berry sauce, old-fashioned pancakes are guaranteed to please. Their light fluffy texture and sweet berry addition make a delightful breakfast option.

5. Egg Casseroles

The great thing about egg casseroles is that you can get creative with the fillings the night before. For example, you could buy jowl bacon, sausage, cheese, and some fresh veggies, place them in a casserole dish, top them with beaten eggs, and bake them the following day.

Not only are egg casseroles hearty and filling, but they are also less messy to prepare than having to cook each ingredient. Enjoy a delicious brunch with your family and friends with your egg casserole creations!

Breakfast Ideas to Get You Started for the Day

If you’re looking for a great way to start a holiday morning off on the right foot, why not try one of these delicious, hearty breakfast ideas? The options are endless, and you can adjust them to include your family’s favorite ingredients.

Make the upcoming holiday season even more special with a tasty and memorable breakfast everyone can enjoy. Give it a try today!

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