The Power of Positive Affirmations


The Self-Affirmation Theory states that there are several things about ourselves that we like and value. If something threatens our self-image, this theory finds that we can use the positive things we value about ourselves to maintain our positive self-image.

If self-improvement interests you, positive affirmations are a great example of self-affirmation that you can easily add to your day-to-day. While practicing positive affirmations may feel awkward to practice at first, they can help bring you more inner peace and confidence.

The Benefits of Positive Affirmations

While positive affirmations may seem like a simple or silly practice, there are benefits associated with practicing them daily. Even if you’re not sure if it is something that will work for you, with these potential benefits, what do you have to lose?

Rewiring Your Brain

Over time, many of us get set in our way of thinking. It can be challenging to take control of your thought patterns and get out of a mental rut.

By focusing on how you think and drawing attention to what you tell yourself, you are actively changing the way you think. Positive affirmations are successful because they teach us to react to negative stimuli positively, rather than going into fight-or-flight mode.

Build a Strong Sense of Identity

Practicing affirmations help us build a positive narrative around ourselves. Focusing on your flaws often comes naturally, but pointing out the positives requires more effort. When you improve your self-talk and focus on what you like about yourself, you develop a more positive identity over time.

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Affirmations are one of the easiest ways to boost your confidence and improve your feelings of worth. When you strengthen these parts of yourself, you’ll feel more capable of handling difficult situations.

How to Practice Positive Affirmations in Your Life

There’s more to affirmations than telling yourself something positive each day. If you’re on the fence about introducing positive affirmations to your life, there are several ways to approach it. You can find a way to incorporate daily affirmations that work best for you.

Create a Personal Affirmation Statement

One of the most well-known ways of practicing positive affirmations is to create an affirmation statement or mantra. Personalize your mantra to you and what you’d like to get out of it. You’ll be less successful if you choose a random affirmation statement online that you don’t find relatable.

For example, if you’re someone struggling with people pleasing and putting yourself on the back burner for others, your mantra could be:

  • “I am allowed to take up space”
  • “I must take care of myself before I can truly help others”
  • “I will know and honor my boundaries with others” 

Once you have your statement in mind, practice saying it out loud to get a feel for it. If it doesn’t sound right, tweak it until it does. Post your positive mantras on your mirror or say it out loud every morning until it becomes a natural thought.

Read Motivational Quotes

If you’re feeling stuck, reading motivational quotes from others can inspire you to make a change your life. Look for relatable quotes and reflect on why you’re drawn to them.

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This reflection can help you develop your affirmation statement and encourages you to rewire your thinking. If you have some favorite motivational quotes, make them your phone background or hang them in your home or office for regular reminders. 

Put on Your Favorite Outfit

An affirmation doesn’t have to be words; they can also be a feeling. Boosting your confidence can be as simple as putting on an outfit you love, knowing it will improve your mood for the day. Even if you don’t have a favorite outfit, try wearing your favorite color for a similar effect.

If you enjoy words of affirmation as well as mood-boosting clothing, why not combine the two? Websites like offer affirmation clothes to help spread love and positive affirmations to others. Their best-selling affirmation hoodies can serve as a daily reminder that you matter.

Gratitude Journaling

Transforming your thoughts can be as simple as reminding yourself of the good things. Gratitude journaling is the habit of recording and reflecting on the things you feel grateful for.

Find a notebook that makes you happy to help get you excited to start this habit. Then, choose a time of the day that works best for you to write down what you’re grateful for. Some people like doing this in the morning before they start their day or in the evening before bed.

A study by the University of Berkeley found that people who use gratitude journals experienced more positive moods, better sleep, and more optimism compared to those who did not.  

Leave Yourself Reminders

Life can get hectic, so leaving yourself little positive reminders throughout places you frequent can be a great way to add affirmations into your life. Leave inspirational sticky notes on your mirrors to spread some positivity each morning. Looking for a surprise mental boost? Hide uplifting notes in your lunchbox, pantry, on your desk, or in your car. 

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Give Positive Affirmations a Try

If you want to practice self-improvement, positive affirmations are amazing yet simple tools to introduce into your daily routine. They don’t require much effort but can boost your mood, improve confidence, and get you in the habit of better self-talk.

Whether you develop a mantra, take up gratitude journaling, or inspire yourself through clothing, there are plenty of ways to initiate a positive change. For more lifestyle tips, check out our lifestyle page. 

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