Everything You Need to Know About Why Businesses Need ALTA Surveys


Do you own a business or are you planning on buying a business? One of the most important steps you can take to protect your interests is to get an ALTA survey. 

ALTA surveys determine property damage and give market value for reimbursement settlement.

Do you think property damage is worth the survey? Keep reading to find out why businesses need ALTA surveys.

What Is an Alta Survey, and Why Is It Beneficial for Businesses?

Businesses need ALTA surveys when they are making decisions related to a property. ALTA creates standards and guidelines for transactions related to commercial or residential properties. ALTA surveys give a correct representation of a current site’s boundary lines, topography, location of improvements rights of way, easements, and setbacks.

Businesses need to understand the exact status of the land before entering into any type of agreement or lease. The ALTA land survey ensures that businesses are making the most informed decisions with their investments. The experts at https://altalandsurvey.com/ understand that businesses need accurate information to function.

Understand the Different Types of ALTA Surveys

Businesses need ALTA surveys to find possible encroachments and title defects. To decide the boundaries of a parcel of land, a surveyor must use specific standards set by the ALTA. ALTA surveys often go beyond finding the perimeter of a property.

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Depending on the application and purpose of the survey, certain types of ALTA surveys may be more suitable. A Basic ALTA survey covers basic boundaries and improvements, such as buildings.

A Standard ALTA Survey provides a detailed topographical survey of the property. It includes the structures, vegetation, and heights.

An Enhanced ALTA Survey can provide ownership information. It also provides contract details, easements, and other features related to the title of the property. 

Different ALTA Survey Requirements

ALTA surveys are essential for land transfers, providing a clear picture of ownership and boundaries. Different ALTA Survey requirements may vary by state.

It is important to understand the requirements in your state and the survey’s specified scope. ALTA surveys also help uncover potential liabilities during the title insurance process. It also allows for the safe transfer of real estate property.

Factors to Consider When Deciding to Invest in an ALTA Survey

Businesses need ALTA Surveys to ensure an accurate and detailed understanding of their property and land. Businesses should consider the quality of an ALTA Survey when investing in it. A survey takes into account all parcels of land and the most accurate information related to them.

Other factors to consider include the ALTA survey cost and the expertise of the surveyor. Businesses can gain peace of mind by having a thorough understanding of the land they are looking to buy.

Learn More About the ALTA Survey

Businesses without an ALTA survey face unmanaged commercial risk, lost investment, and higher costs. Knowing the risks and taking the necessary steps to get a survey will help you make informed decisions as it relates to your property. Don’t wait – protect your business today and contact a surveyor to get started on your ALTA survey.

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