5 Fun Things to Do In Waco Texas


Looking for something new and exciting to try in Waco, Texas?

Waco, Texas is known for its big-city feel with a small-town atmosphere. It’s a great place to visit for those looking for a fun and exciting vacation. From a delicious food scene to one-of-a-kind attractions, there are plenty of things to do here.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a family trip, Waco has something for everyone. 

Have no fear–we’ve got you covered. Here’s a fantastic guide to fun things to do in Waco, Texas.

1. Exploring Waco’s Natural Scenes and Landmarks

Exploring nature and landmarks are exciting things to do in Waco for travelers and locals alike. Waco is home to many beautiful parks, trails, and lakes that you can explore and enjoy.

One particularly beautiful area is River Trail Park. Here, one can take in panoramic views of the Brazos River, take a walk or bike along the trail, and explore numerous natural scenes and landmarks. Other popular activities include visits to Wild West Mountain Biking Park and Cameron Park, where one can explore miles of hiking trails and wildflowers. 

2. Enjoying the Local Food Scene

It has an amazing food scene that locals and visitors alike will appreciate. The city offers a wide variety of local Waco restaurants with delicious meals to fit every budget. From casual diners to high-end eateries, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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There is also the Waco Downtown Farmers Market for those looking for locally-grown produce. There are plenty of food trucks and carts throughout the city serving up some of the most popular food specialties.

3. Taking in the Culture with Arts and History

The Dr. Pepper Museum will take you through the history of the drink throughout the central Texas area. Meanwhile, the Waco Mammoth National Monument offers a glimpse into the past with the remains of a Columbian mammoth and a herd of other animals that lived approximately 67,000 years ago.

If you’re looking to visit Waco for culture and art, the art galleries downtown are a great place to explore. From the Waco Cultural Arts Festival to the Brazos Art Gallery to the Waco Symphony Orchestra — you’ll find a healthy variety of art and culture to explore. 

4. Enjoying Acclaimed Outdoor Activities

For wilder outdoor adventures, Lake Waco offers swimming, trailer boating, and many water sports, making it the perfect spot for a day on the lake. Dinosaur Valley State Park and Bosque Riverfront Park – all offer amazing outdoor activities and attractions, perfect for the outdoorsy type.

These outdoor activities are usually done by students during school breaks. It’s good to have a place that is along with other outdoor activities and near a school in Waco. If you are looking for a place, you might want to check out apartmens near Baylor University.

5. Shopping and Chillin’ on the Historic Dichotomy of Waco

Whether you are looking for a specific souvenir or a unique piece of clothing, or just want to window shop, Waco is full of great options for shopping. Along with the many boutique stores, which offer one-of-a-kind items, Waco also has a variety of antique stores and boutiques offering vintage items from all over the world. 

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Check Out These Fun Things to Do in Waco, Texas

Waco, Texas offers an array of exciting adventures. Listed in this article are fun things to do in Waco. Your time in Waco will be action-packed! Start planning your Waco getaway today!

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