Why 2023 is the Perfect Year to Open an eCommerce Store

Why 2023 is the Perfect Year to Open an eCommerce Store

If you’re considering starting an eCommerce store, there’s no better time to do it than in 2023. The eCommerce marketplace has continued to grow year over year as more consumers search for convenience and variety through online shopping. The demand for more online options has led to greater availability of tools, services, and resources for digital entrepreneurs looking for opportunities to enter the market and start their online stores. In 2023, there will be more tools than ever to help you launch your eCommerce store and build your brand effectively. Here are a few tips for launching an online store in 2023.

It’s Easier Than Ever to Get Started

If you’re new to eCommerce and have been doing it for years, you know how difficult it is to stand out in a crowded market. But with the right tools and resources, 2023 may be the perfect year to start an eCommerce business. More tools and resources are available than ever —free and paid — that can make creating your store easy and effective. With managed WordPress hosting, you can partner with an expert team of developers and IT professionals eager to help you optimize and maintain your store 24/7. Nexcess provides expert IT management, and their intuitive store builder will make it easy and convenient for you to design and launch a customized and engaging digital storefront. Not only can you benefit from managed WordPress hosting, but many digital business tools are available for entrepreneurs looking for ways to launch and manage a business online. Start exploring your options for digital tools and services to help launch your dream store.

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Consider Managed Hosting

WordPress is the most popular CMS, hosting millions of active sites worldwide. Utilizing WordPress can offer you several advantages because the platform is so popular, there are large communities of developers, and many resources available to anyone looking to get started with WordPress. If you’re unsure how to launch or customize your site, consider the benefits of managed WordPress hosting services. Managed WordPress hosts provide all the technical support that comes with hosting a website, but they also make it easy to build and launch an online store. Why is this important? Building an eCommerce business can be complex and frustratingly time-consuming if you don’t have the right tools.

With a managed WordPress host, you don’t have to spend hours researching how merchants use their shopping carts or digging through forums for answers about why your site isn’t loading correctly—the host does all that work for you! They’ll even provide 24/7 IT service, so if anything goes wrong with your site, there’s someone available who knows what they’re doing and can fix it quickly. WordPress experts at Nexcess provide 24/7 malware monitoring and automatic plugin updates and optimization. With a managed WordPress host, you can take off the stress of managing your digital infrastructure.

It’s Easier to Be Sustainable

More modern consumers are searching for sustainable shopping options to help combat the environmental impact of shopping online. Today, it’s easier than you might think to make your eCommerce store more sustainable. There are plenty of simple ways to improve the sustainability of your business, from using greener packaging materials to buying carbon offsets for shipping. You can also consider selling products made from recycled materials and packaging them in recyclable boxes. If you want to go further, consider manufacturing products in an environmentally friendly way so that they have a smaller carbon footprint from start to finish (for example, by making sure all materials come from renewable sources). Sustainable business practices are a great way to build your brand and gain a competitive edge over other less sustainable companies.

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Social Media Offers a Direct Channel to Consumers

There are more social media users than ever before, making it easier for companies to reach their consumers directly through these free channels. You can also use social media to gain valuable feedback from real customers on your products, which will help you make better decisions regarding future inventory purchases and product development. Finally, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram provide data that can help you track engagement levels across different demographics (age groups, genders) so that you can see what’s working in terms of advertising strategies and which types of posts resonate most with specific groups.

Omnichannel Marketing is Key to eCommerce Success

If you’re an eCommerce retailer, then omnichannel marketing is a must. It’s the only way to reach your customers across multiple channels and keep them returning for more.

Omnichannel marketing has long been the future of digital sales; now, it’s here to stay. As consumers grow more accustomed to shopping seamlessly across platforms—flipping between desktop computers, mobile devices, and even smart speakers like Amazon Echo—they expect retailers who sell products online to offer a certain quality of experience. This means being able to do things like:

  • Engage with customers on all platforms
  • Track customer journeys across all platforms
  • Personalize marketing messages according to how people shop (and where)
  • Offering intuitive site design that makes it easy for customers to purchase and engage with your brand.

As you grow your company and brand, omnichannel marketing will come quickly as you and your team create new products, services, content, and more. Engagement online is essential for operating a successful brand in today’s eCommerce market.

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You can start your eCommerce store today. You can launch and manage a successful digital business with the right tools, resources, and some elbow grease. 2023 is the year to go after your goals and take advantage of the services available to you. Start your eCommerce journey today.

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