The Pros and Cons of Different Smartphones

The Pros and Cons of Different Smartphones

Have you imagined your life without a Smartphone? Surely, it is hard to think like that.
With the invention of smartphones, our lives have become so much easier. They have no doubt brought so much convenience to different walks of life. It is now hard to think of a life without them!

The tech world has progressed by great leaps and bounds. There are countless features in even a simple device, and they come under an affordable price tag too. The global tech world is getting competitive as well, there are so many companies coming out with great android phones. Each mobile phone varies in terms of features, specs, design, and built. Usually, all android phones have similar features but there could be slight variations.

OPPO smartphones have a wide range of mobile phone series that have different specifications. Some features are outstanding in one series but might not be according to your liking in another one. Based on your requirements and choice, you can pick out a phone that would work best for you.

When looking for android smartphones, one usually looks for good photography features, an affordable, budget-friendly phone, a lasting battery life, ample storage options, and a powerful processor. These features are prominent in all OPPO smartphones. On the other side, there have been a few disadvantages as well.

Below we have concluded a list of the most popular phones from the three OPPO smartphone series. We have included the flagship phones and the best budget phones. This article includes OPPO smartphones from the Reno series, A series, and the Find X series. We will discuss the pros and cons of each phone from the respective series.
Let’s begin.

A Series

The A series is honestly impressive. The mobile phones in this series are ultra-thin in design, have an immersive big screen, and have a long-lasting battery. The top-spec is their good photography. For the A series feature, we have picked the OPPO A17.



Talking about the pros of the OPPO A17, it is a lightweight, sleek designed phone, which supports the Android 12 OS, the latest version. The battery life is huge, it runs on 5000 mAh, and you can browse all day, and stream your favorite apps in that regard. There are multiple color options to choose from. Additionally, the phone has an IPX4 water-resistant coating, and a side-mounted fingerprint scanner. It is a very affordable and budget friendly phone.


The phone doesn’t have fast-charging support. It can help multi-task but cannot be used for gaming or bulk use. There is a single storage and RAM to choose from, the phone also has a low 720p resolution screen despite having a big display. You will also find the camera setup to be average, and there’s no 4K video recording support, so this might not be one of the best OPPO camera phones. Additionally, the phone doesn’t support a Gyro-EIS feature. A big turnoff is the absence of gorilla glass protection, which otherwise is a very necessary feature against drop protection.

Find X Series

The Find X series is great when it comes to a long-lasting battery, a beautiful display, wonderful camera specs, and storage options. For this series, we have picked the OPPO Find X5 Pro.

OPPO Find X5 Pro


The OPPO Find X5 Pro is a beautiful handset. It has a classy ceramic body design, a large display, and an AMOLED screen. This phone is equipped with excellent camera specs, giving you a DSLR-like experience. It has a powerful 5000 mAh long-lasting battery and supports 50W wireless charging as well. There’s ample storage, internal storage with 256GB, and 512GB options. It supports the latest Android 12 with ColorOS 12 operating system. It is good for gaming and heavy use. It would be safe to say that it is one of the amazing flagship phones in its category.


One non-impressive feature we could point out was the optical zoom. The third rear camera had an optical zoom of only 2x. There was not much of upgradation in features compared to the previous ones in this category though this overall qualifies for a great flagship phone.

Reno Series

The Reno series has become so popular lately with its overall exceptional features. A wonderful display, good battery life, and good storage space. For this series, we have picked the OPPO Reno 8 Pro.

OPPO Reno 8 Pro


The OPPO Reno 8 Pro is another flagship phone which also comes under the category of affordable phones. This is a 5G and NFC-enabled phone. This is a beautiful phone having an immersive display, a FULL HD AMOLED screen, and corning gorilla glass 5 protection. The battery is also fairly long-lasting and supports a fast charging of 80W as well as reverse charging. The device supports the latest Android 12 OS. This phone is best for your multitasking activities and gives a great gaming experience. It has a high refresh rate display of 120Hz.
The camera is decent enough to give you a good experience. Additionally, you can record 4K videos with Gyro-EIS support.


The device misses out on some features that would come off as distasteful to some. There’s no wireless charging support, unlike the Find X5 Pro. The SD card slot is also missing in this device. Surprisingly, there’s no water or dust resistance feature. The USB type C 2.0 port is outdated. You will not find an optical zoom camera in this set, and no stereo speakers as well. Keeping in view all these cons in mind, this mobile phone looks rather expensive for its price.

Bottom Line

There’s surely not just that one ‘best’ mobile phone out there. You will find at least one feature in any mobile phone that will not be according to your desire. Of course, every mobile phone has some degree of shortcomings. We have highlighted mostly all the major pros and cons of OPPO smartphones. It is best to decide by yourself which series will be a better option for your purchase. Nonetheless, no smartphone is bad or worst of all, it’s just that the specs vary among different models.

Take care and happy shopping!

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