How To Start Using Adult Accessories

Adult accessories are used to make the bedroom activities more pleasurable and exciting.  If you are a beginner that doesn’t have any clue on how to start using adult toys, this article is a guide for you. Before you finish reading, you will understand how to use adult accessories to spice things up in the bedroom.


That said, here’s how to start using adult toys:

1.  Get in the erotic mood

The first step to using adult toys is to get into an erotic mood. Your mind has to align with your body so it can secrete hormones necessary for you to get maximum sensual pleasure. You can get in the mood by reading an erotic magazine or novel, watching an erotic video, or listening to soothing music. You can also try remembering your past masturbation sessions and escapades or make wild imaginations to make your mind snap easily into an erotic mood.

2.  Stimulate yourself

Stimulating yourself is the next step after positioning your mind in an erotic mood.There is no need to go in to graphic details here but you should bring yourself to the point where you are ready for the next step. Now apply lube.

3.  Apply enough lubricant

Adult accessories can be on the larger side and may require some care during love making. Whether using a hand held toy or something wearable you should take care to use enough lubricant. has endless varieties of wearable toy to choose from. If you want an extra dose of pleasure for you and your partner while making love, check here for penis sleeves that can help you achieve that.

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4.  Insert the adult accessory

After applying lubricant, the next step is to insert the adult toy. The lube you applied will make inserting the toy easier. Ensure that you use smaller toys as a beginner to avoid getting injuries. You can work your way up as your body gets comfortable with the varying sizes of adult toys.


Since getting pleasure is the aim of masturbation, endeavor to target the appropriate erogenous zones while using adult toys. Hitting these sensitive spots will help you climax and feel good.

5.  Tidy up

After using adult accessories, it’s pertinent that you clean everything thoroughly and store it away safely, ready for the next session. Wash the adult clothing with mild soap and water, then store them neatly in a box so you can reuse them when you want.

In Summary

This article has summarized the steps you can follow to use adult accessories as a beginner. To use adult toys, get in the mood and stimulate yourself first, apply enough lube, and then insert the adult toy. Wipe-clean the accessories afterward to make it easy for reuse.

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