Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures and Their Benefits

Plastic Surgery Procedures

Plastic surgery is often viewed as a cosmetic procedure that improves an individual’s appearance. However, many systems also have health benefits. For example, rhinoplasty patients receive benefits such as better breathing and facial structure, and those with eyelid surgery get improved vision. 

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery, commonly known as blepharoplasty, can repair aging indications that make your eyes appear weary and older than their years. 

 This cosmetic treatment removes extra skin from your upper or lower eyelids to restore a youthful appearance and enhance your vision.

As you age, your body produces less collagen and elastin, resulting in sagging, drooping skin.

This might make you appear chronically tired or older than you are because it is most noticeable around the eyes.

Surgeons like Dr. Joel Aronowitz can perform eyelid surgery and reverse these changes to help you look refreshed and healthy and improve how others see your face and expressions. It can also reduce the risk of obstructed vision caused by sagging eyelid skin. Eyelid surgery can fully renew the face and eyes when combined with other facial plastic surgery operations like a brow lift or lip augmentation.


Liposuction, sometimes known as “lipo,” is a popular body sculpting surgery that slims and reshapes certain body areas such as the thighs and hips, the abdomen and waist, the upper arms, the chest area, the chin and neck, and the calves and ankles. 

Although it should not be considered a weight loss solution, lipo can help men and women reduce stubborn pockets of fat.

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Plastic surgeons say patients are also interested in more minimally invasive cosmetic procedures like fillers and Botox, which are rising in popularity due to their affordability and quick recovery times. In 2023, expect more patients to seek these noninvasive options than ever.

Tummy tucks, or abdominoplasty, are another popular procedure that helps slim and tighten the abdominal region. In addition to removing excess fat, tummy tucks can restore weakened or separated abdominal muscles. This procedure is commonly performed after pregnancy, major weight loss, and aging. Neck lifts are also a popular surgical procedure that reduces signs of aging around the neck and face by removing loose facial skin and tightening tissue.

Breast Augmentation

Many women want to make their breasts larger or change their shape for cosmetic reasons. If you’re unhappy with sagging or volume loss from pregnancy, changes in weight or the natural aging process, breast augmentation can help improve your self-image and boost your confidence.

Surgeons like Joel Aronowitz makes a pocket in front of or behind the pectoral muscle to install a silicone gel- or saline-filled implant.

 The doctor closes the incision with sutures, skin adhesives and surgical tape. You can resume light exercise within two weeks.

Instead of implants, your doctor could recommend structural fat grafting if you want a more natural appearance.

 Your surgeon removes fat from another part of your body, usually the buttocks or abdomen then injects it into the breast-tissue matrices to provide permanent enhancement. This technique may be less invasive but does not provide the same level of enlargement as implants.

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Rhinoplasty, also known as a “nose job,” can improve the look of a patient’s nose and may be used to repair interior and external congenital problems.

 In addition, it can also fix breathing problems resulting from structural issues in the nasal septum.

Another common cosmetic surgery that suctions fat from particular parts of the body to thin and reshapes is liposuction.

It can be performed on the thighs, hips and buttocks, abdomen and waist, back, chest area, arms, and neck.

Breast augmentation uses implants or fat to increase the size of the breasts and can boost self-confidence for women unhappy with their natural breasts. Patients who choose this treatment can resume normal activities within weeks, although high-impact exercises should be delayed for several months. For men, gynecomastia surgery, which reduces the appearance of enlarged genitals, is becoming more common. This is often caused by heredity and aging, but it can also be caused by trauma or surgery on other body parts, such as the nose.

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