Meeting Like Minded People is important for Growth

Meeting Like Minded People

We give most of our time to the people whom we can connect with. They could be your family or friends. But them being a loved one doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to be like-minded. Solely a connection or a relation isn’t always enough because we as humans always have the urge to belong or to fit in. It’s totally acceptable if over time you stopped relating to your college buddies. Perhaps your mind craves a connection that is beyond family or a childhood friendship. These connections can be forged with anyone, anywhere, and anytime. Because all you need is to find a person who has ideologies, thoughts, and beliefs the same as yours. It’s important to find your own tribe because when you belong you will never feel judged, since the people of your tribe would be having experiences similar to yours. Though finding people who see life the way you do might take a few attempts. All you need to do is not give up even after a number of failed attempts at finding your kind of people. If you find it difficult to find a group where you belong, strive to create yours. There are a billion people in this world. There must be a lot of people who would think like you or even look like you.

Here is how finding like minded people can benefit you.

You gain knowledge and skills:

Surround yourselves with like minded people who are passionate about the things that interest you too. It will eventually help you gain new experiences. And you can expand your knowledge in the areas that interest you. If you like being creative you can connect with artists, writers, and painters; or if you are a tech geek, join a community full of geeky tech enthusiasts.

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Grow as an individual:

Once you have built a support system of people with whom you can easily share your aspirations, you will feel more accountable and motivated toward what you want to pursue. If you are an aspiring writer, connect with the authors and poets around you. One can even join online communities like Wild Mag to connect with like minded entrepreneurs or writers. Once you are surrounded by these people your mind will always be in a zone where you will keep thinking about your interests.

Improved mental health:

If you are mostly surrounded by the people with whom you share values or interests, you will get a sense of belongingness and you will feel that you fit in. It would enhance your mental health too since having your own circle gives you a sense of belongingness and validation. Once you have found your group you dont have to go out there to look out for the people who would spend time with you, since you will always have someone to count on.

Building strong relationships

Connecting with like minded people can help you forge long-lasting and meaningful relationships. Since you will mostly find things in common, you would tend to share more without the constant fear of being judged. Thus, with people who share your interests, you can forge strong bonds at ease.

By surrounding yourself with like minded people you not only make a community but you become friends and forge closely-knit friendships. Once you tap into the power of having your own tribe, the fear of meeting the wrong people or backstabbers won’t scare you. And be it business or personal life your tribe will always be there for you.

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