How to choose the best tutor for your child?

best tutor

There are multiple reasons why your child may need a tutor. They are:

  • Students are not mastering the basic skills. So, a tutor can help them learn and master them.
  • Students with learning disabilities or other disabilities require special tutors.
  • Falling behind in school or decreasing grades
  • Students with poor organizational skills who require one-on-one help.

Whatever the reason, hiring a tutor can help your child. They can relearn the subjects better in class with focused attention. They also learn new things. Tutors can help shape the future of your child. But the problem is hiring the best tutor. Many tutors and academies are providing offline and online tutoring. So how do you find the best one for your child? If this question keeps you up at night, here are a few tips to follow.

Pitch to your child and persuade

A tutor can be the best, but it will make no difference if the child doesn’t want one. Thus, the first thing to do is pitch the idea of hiring a tutor for your child. If the child knows they are struggling, they will accept the help. But if they are in denial, it may take some persuasion. Try to show them the positive side of working with a tutor. No matter what, you should expect some tantrums, but nothing you cannot handle.

Size of the class

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Whether you are going for an online or an offline tutor, checking the class’s size is necessary. Many tutors have big batches. It will not help your child, who needs personalized attention. It will be similar to school. Instead, go with tutors who teach one-on-one or have small batches. This way, every student gets attention and help, as KIS Academy provides.

Budget and location

Location is essential when you are going for offline tutors in a tutoring center. You want a location that is convenient for you. A tutoring class an hour and a half away from home isn’t worth the trouble. Leaving and picking up the child will be a task if you are working. Also, it takes so much commute time for the child as well. The time they can use for studying or other activities. Thus, find a tutoring center near your house.

Another thing to consider is the budget. Remember that private lessons cost more. Tutoring center charges also vary according to experience and more. So, look at multiple options. Don’t decide unless you have seen a few tutoring centers, private tutors, and more.

Check the credentials of the tutor.

The essential thing to check when hiring a tutor is their credentials. You want a tutor who has experience. A degree in teaching from a respectable institution. If your child has a learning disability, work with only experienced teachers. Look at the references. Check for reviews. Ask for certifications to see if they are eligible to work with a student with a disability. If possible, take a sample class with your child, especially for private tutors.

If you’re specifically looking for elementary math tutoring, make sure to mention that to potential tutors or centers to find the best fit for your needs.

Choose a good time

The time you choose for your child’s tutoring session matters too. Most parents choose a time after school. However, children feel tired after school. So, take that into account too. If this is the case, evening time is perfect for all students. Whatever time you choose, ensure a good break between school and tuition to allow students to relax.

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The verdict on the child’s progress report

A good tutor provides a progress report for the child frequently. You cannot just hand over the child to the tutor. You need to know whether they are making progress or not. So, when looking for tutors, ensure this is one question you ask every agency or private tutor. Frequent updates and feedback help you encourage or help your child. Just because they are getting tuition doesn’t mean they shouldn’t involve themselves in their studies.

View Policies

Every tutor or agency has different policies. It is helpful to know all about them before you sign on the dotted line.

You don’t have to commit to one tutor. Instead, take a sample class and ask your child to communicate with you if the tutor isn’t great. Along with these tips, observe the tutor to see if they fit your child’s needs.

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