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How Long Do Idiots Live? How long do Short Poeple Live

how long do idiots live

Hi, meme lovers! In this article I am gonna explain 2 famous tiktok trends How Long Do Idiots Live? and How long do Short Poeple Live? And you know what I will also explain these questions according to science as well. Look at the table of contents if you don’t want to read full article. Let’s start.

How long do idiots live? TikTok Trend

It’s easy to laugh at a video that asks, “How long do idiots live on TikToK?” The answer to this question has become a meme, gaining a following worldwide. The term Emo stands for an extremely sensitive, anxious, and emotional personality, and is often characterized by a dyed wig, short, narrow jeans, and a tight t-shirt. The video has become a popular trend on social media, and is making people laugh at the expense of their friends.

The first ‘How long do idiots live on TikToK?’ meme first popped up in 2021 and resurfaced in February 2022. The meme has inspired a new trend among Gen-Z TikTokers. However, it’s still unclear whether the term ‘idiots’ is an oxymoron. While many users find it funny, many others wonder whether or not this new trend is a genuine trend.

What is How Long Do Idiots Live TikTok challenge

The How Long Do Idiots Live challenge has gained popularity recently as a way to show off your creative side. It is based on the popular web meme that fools only live for 12 to 15 years. The challenge also involves sending a message like “I’ll never forget you” to an idiot aged twelve to fifteen years old. It has garnered a lot of funny feedback and questions from its users.

The TikTok phenomenon has also helped make a trend of seemingly silly questions. There’s the ‘How Long Do Emos Live?’ challenge, which has over 343 million views, and a ‘How Long Do Idiots Live?’ challenge that features emo characters and tall people. Whether or not you’re up for the challenge is up to you, but you can’t help but laugh at the videos that are based on these idiosyncratic people.

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‘TikToker prank’

The latest ‘TikToker pranked’ video went viral, with Jay kindafunny using a PVC pipe as a megaphone. While shouting his signature catchphrase “Munanyo,” the person he was trying to prank didn’t take it too well. Instead, they tackled him to the ground. Since the video went viral, it has amassed more than 50 million views in 5 days.

The ‘TikToker pranked’ video was posted by SusDudes, an account dedicated to sharing videos of young men hitting on women in public. Although the account primarily shares videos of men hitting on women in public, it also shares prank videos. As of Jan. 31, the video has gotten over 5.1 million views. While the captions on the video indicate that it is a prank, many viewers didn’t find it humorous.

As a result of the viral video, ‘TikToker pranked’ videos have received quite a bit of attention. The pranks were so effective, people have called for the platform to ban these videos. The social media platform is already facing backlash over its controversial practices. The prankster behind the videos is Josh Popkin, who graduated from Staples High School in Westport, Connecticut. Since high school, Popkin has been performing stand-up comedy and was part of a comedy club at Bucknell University.

‘TikTok meme’

If you’ve ever watched a TikTok video, you know how bizarre it can be. These short video clips are based around a shortened piece of music. Most involve a 5-15 second clip of a popular song. Some users also add their own personal touches to the videos, including acting the song out while a video is playing, or adding on-screen text. Regardless of the medium, the TikTok meme has become a global sensation.

The ‘TikTok meme’ has made the Internet a more civil place, but there are still a number of troubling aspects of it. One of the most disturbing aspects is that some users may be insensitive or even racist. This is an unfortunate situation. However, the TikTok app is a great tool for finding these videos. You can even use hashtag searches to search for topics that interest you. If you’re not sure where to start, search TikTok for keywords or terms related to your topic. Once you’ve found a topic, the TikTok app will display a list of videos that contain it. You can also browse the top TikTok creators and follow their videos. These users upload dozens of videos every day. By following them, you can pick up some of their techniques.

How long do idiots live According to Science?

In the search for immortality, humans have been obsessed with the search for elixirs of life, alchemists, and conquistadors. The USSR has become the breeding ground for ludicrously old claims. And a recent Norwegian study found that people’s average answer to the question, “How long would you like to live?” was 91 years. While this is an extremely long life expectancy for an idiot, it’s still far more than most people think.

Your IQ Decides When You Will Die

how long do idiots live according to science

There’s another study that suggests that a 15% increase in IQ gives you a 21% greater chance of not dying. It’s based on a cohort study that looked at survival after the same IQ test was given to all 11-year-olds in Scotland in 1932. Those subjects were then followed for decades, and if they died before they turned 30 the results reflected the fact that they had an IQ of 94.

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The results of this study were surprising. In addition to the statistical correlation, the study also found that an increased IQ led to a greater likelihood of not dying. For instance, a 15-point increase in IQ provided a 21% higher chance of surviving for another two years. That’s not too bad, considering that people who are more intelligent are more likely to have better health and a higher standard of living.

Scottish Mental Survey About IQ

Scottish Mental Survey About IQ

Another study, using data from the Scottish Mental Surveys, found that an increase in IQ gives you a 20% greater chance of not dying. That’s a pretty good number! However, this study only accounts for an average of four people. Those with a lower IQ have a higher chance of death. And those with high IQ’s have the same chances. So, how long do idiots live?

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Germen Study of Life Span

Germen Study of Life Span

One of the most popular questions people ask is “How long do idiots live?” The answer may surprise you. The average lifespan of an American, for example, is only 78 years. By contrast, a German study showed that an increase of 15 points in IQ gave a person a 21% greater chance of not dying. That’s quite a difference, and the researchers who conducted the survey did it by using an historic survey.

According to the study, an increase of fifteen points in IQ gave people a two percent greater chance of not dying. In addition, the more educated a person is, the more likely they were to survive to old age. But that doesn’t mean that they lived longer than an average-IQ person. The longer an individual is alive, the better their odds are to live longer. For an example, a study of a patient’s longevity using a low-IQ in a high-income group revealed that an increase in IQ gave the person an 18% greater chance of survival.

A recent study found that an increase in IQ gave an individual a 21% higher chance of not dying. The study used the Scottish Mental Surveys, which were historic surveys of children aged 11 at the time of the survey. They followed the subjects’ survival over time to see how much they’d improved over time. This has implications for health insurance premiums and the longevity of people. It’s no wonder that the more IQ a person has, the longer they live.

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Higher IQ Increases 21% of Surviving

Higher IQ Increases 21% of Surviving

The study found that people with a higher IQ had a 21% better chance of surviving compared to those with lower IQ. In addition to their general longevity, those with a lower IQ had a higher chance of dying. They were more likely to suffer from various ailments. In addition, their IQ was higher than that of their counterparts. The study showed that a low-IQ increased the risk of dying by almost a quarter, which meant that they lived longer than those with a higher IQ.

The study found that an increase in IQ was associated with an increase in longevity. A person with a lower IQ had a lower life expectancy. Having a higher IQ increased their risk of dying by 21%. And that equates to a much higher risk of dying. But, what about those with low IQs? How long do idiots live? Well, their odds were lower than those of non-idiots.

TikTok Trend Explained: How Long Do Short People Live?

TikTok has become a popular platform where people share videos and create trends. One of the recent trends that went viral is asking “How long do short people live?” It may seem like a funny question, but it has captured the attention and brought smiles to many people’s faces.

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The Curiosity Behind the Lifespan of Short People

Everyone is curious about why this trend has gained so much popularity. People want to know why everyone is suddenly interested in the lifespan of short individuals.

Origin of the Trend

The trend started when a TikTok user accidentally searched for “how long do short people live” on Google. When he found the answer, he decided to share it with his short friend. This led to a chain reaction, and many people joined in on the trend. People began searching for the lifespan of short people and sharing humorous answers.

Photoshopped Answers for Fun

How Long Do Short People Live

People started photoshopping different answers to fit their own purposes. According to the trend, some answers suggest that short people live for 10 to 12 years or 13 years, which is obviously not true. The trend is amusing, and people enjoy sending these answers to their short friends.

Sending “I’ll Never Forget You” Messages

In the current version of the trend, participants send the phrase “I’ll never forget you” to their short friends. The message is accompanied by the song “Never Forget You” by Zara Larsson and MNEK. The number of people participating in this trend continues to grow.

Short People’s Lifespan and Height

On a serious note, height does not determine an individual’s lifespan. In fact, studies suggest that shorter people tend to have longer lifespans than taller people. According to research, shorter individuals have lower death rates and fewer diet-related chronic diseases, especially as they get older.

How Long Do Short People Live Memes

The trend has also given rise to memes about how long short people live. Many people have created humorous memes using images, videos, and text related to this trend. These memes are shared on various social media platforms and continue to entertain people.

Relatability and Sense of Humor

This trend has gained popularity because almost everyone knows a short person. It has become relatable to many, and people enjoy the humor behind it. Short people are not inferior, and this trend should be taken light-heartedly.

Google Pranks and Viral Trends

The concept of prank searches on Google is not new. Similar pranks have entertained people for years, and this trend is just another example of it. People enjoy participating in such trends and sharing their funny experiences on social media.

Remember, the trend about how long short people live is just for fun and entertainment. Height does not determine an individual’s lifespan. It’s important to embrace diversity and appreciate the uniqueness of each person, regardless of their height.

Do Short People Live Longer? A Look at Scientific Research


When it comes to the lifespan of short individuals, scientific research provides valuable insights. Let’s explore what studies have found regarding the relationship between height and longevity.

Height and Lifespan: Debunking the Myth

Dispelling the notion that shorter people live shorter lives, scientific evidence suggests that height is not a determining factor in lifespan. Numerous studies indicate that shorter individuals may actually have longer lifespans compared to their taller counterparts.

Study Findings: Lower Death Rates and Chronic Diseases

A study highlighted in The New York Times in 2003 revealed that shorter, smaller bodies tend to have lower death rates and fewer diet-related chronic diseases, particularly as individuals age. This finding challenges the assumption that shorter height leads to shorter lifespans.

Height and Cancer Risk

Contrary to popular belief, research published by CNBC in 2016 indicates that taller individuals may face a higher risk of death from certain types of cancer. This study suggests that the greater number of cells in taller individuals could potentially lead to a faster depletion of the body’s resources.

Understanding Lifespan Determinants

While height alone does not determine lifespan, it’s crucial to recognize that various factors contribute to an individual’s longevity. Genetics, lifestyle choices, socioeconomic status, and access to healthcare all play significant roles.

Holistic Approach to Lifespan

Taking a holistic approach to lifespan, it is important to focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, regardless of height. Factors such as regular exercise, a balanced diet, adequate healthcare, and overall well-being are more influential in determining longevity than height alone.


Scientific research suggests that height is not a decisive factor in determining the lifespan of individuals. Shorter people may actually have longer lifespans, while taller individuals may face certain health risks. Understanding that multiple factors contribute to longevity enables us to prioritize healthy habits and well-being over concerns related to height.

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