Family-Friendly Things to Do When Travelling to Philadelphia

Family-Friendly Things to Do When Travelling to Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a family-friendly city for anyone looking for some fun, with the area known for its kid-friendly playgrounds and annual festivals. If you prefer informative tours, the city boasts some award-winning museums, allowing both fun seekers and educational enthusiasts to experience the best of both worlds. Listed are some areas to explore during your next trip to the city.

Blue Cross River Rink

The Blue Cross River Rink is open year-round, allowing ice skating lovers to enjoy skating events to their fill. If you visit during the winter, the rink is a winter fest attraction, with events including indoor games and warm pop-up fire pits. The summer also sees the rink bustling with many activities, including summer fest events such as carnival rides and rollerblading.

Cool drinks are also available if you prefer a relaxing afternoon, with the kids free to enjoy additional rides on the Ferris Wheel. Note that accommodation and overnight parking near PHL are one of the most important aspects to consider, with early bookings being the most preferable. This will come in handy in helping you get an easy commute around the city, making your stay worthwhile.

Please Touch Museum

The Please Touch Museum is a fun spot for kids below seven, housing a fairytale-themed forest. This will be the perfect stop for kids to explore the forest, with a fascinating rocket room close by for older kids who prefer something different. After this, the kids can enjoy the River Adventure Exhibit, followed by a ride at the carousel.

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Peddler’s Village

Peddler’s Village is another exciting amusement center for children of all ages. It features a game room open to younger kids, with obstacle challenges also made available. This space is also home to a restored 1992 carousel, a top pick for numerous visitors. Unlike other facilities, this also comes with candy shops, restaurants, and shops for quiet time and a chance to pick up candy for the whole family.

The Franklin Institute

The Franklin Institute is synonymous with the giant anatomical model of the heart, a must-see for kids interested in science. The spot is a research center for interesting exhibitions, named after Benjamin Franklin. It also houses artifacts from well-known electricity experiments by Benjamin Franklin and rotating special exhibits. Visitors are also treated to immersive experiences such as 100 Years of Disney and Harry Potter tours.

Treetop Quest

Kids who love a bit of a challenge will be impressed by the Treetop Quest, with the spot offering a zip-line course for older children. It features over 50 obstacles, with each activity designed to accommodate various difficulty levels. Some obstacles to look out for include climbing, jumping, and walking.

Philadelphia Zoo

The Philadelphia Zoo is home to more than 1,000 rare animals, with the facility being the oldest zoological park in the country. Families can enjoy the train travel system within the zoo that makes it possible to get across multiple points, allowing you to interact with various animals easily. If you are looking for some big cats, the Big Cat Falls Exhibition is the place to be, with the Avian Centre also being a top spot for children and adults.

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While the above-listed destinations are just a scratch of Philadelphia’s sites, they are a perfect start for exploring the city. The amusement parks, zoos, and research institutes will be perfect for families traveling with kids of all ages, allowing even adults to partake in some of the fun. With this in mind, make it a point to explore these sites whenever you are in town.

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