Boost Your Marketing Strategy With a Comprehensive Text Alerts System

Boost Your Marketing Strategy

Consumers get bombarded with marketing messages nonstop these days. Depending on where they are and how much technology they interact with, they can get hit with hundreds to thousands of marketing messages in just one day. If you want your business messaging and branding to cut through this, you need to contact them directly. Text alerts can get their attention right on their phones. Scroll down to learn how you can use text messaging effectively to boost your sales and revenue.

Text Message Marketing Works

Text messaging is the marketing tool your business needs to get ahead. It’s a process of constant communicating, promotions, sales, business news, and other pertinent information to consumers. The potential for brand awareness is very intimate here, given how it arrives on their mobile technology.

Consumers have to opt-in to your messaging before you start sending anything to them. That means you know they’re at least interested in what you’ve got, so half the battle is already won. So it’s more about conversion than finding leads.

Text message marketing lets you emphasise specific audiences. For example, your business database of names, phone numbers, categories, interests, and geolocations helps you track the sales process. You can then bypass other kinds of marketing noise that they might be used to turning out and send bulk messages or even individualised texts to groups of customers right to their phones.

Since they are opt-in to your messages, recipients will not likely view you as spam. You’re already a brand they know of and have decided to hear from, at least for a while. So, you’ve got their interest, but you need to deliver valuable results to them if you’re going to keep it.

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Sending Text Alerts Is Easy

Using a text alerts system is easy, and that’s one of the most significant benefits of building up your brand and marketing this way. You can hire a service to do most of the legwork for you. Then, you only have to follow three basic steps.

First, you will have to pick a text word. This is for the text-to-join process, where consumers opt-in to get your alerts. They usually use a unique keyword or short code to respond. Custom keywords create subscriber lists that you can manage as you see fit.

Second, you’ll grow your subscriber list. You can do this off from existing lists, but you can also reach out to new consumers who might decide to join in. You can even create online forms where people decide through a website to get your messages.

Third, you start sending out texts alerting your subscribers to your marketing messages. You can simply compose a message and then send it to everyone on the appropriate list immediately. Alternatively, you can schedule messages to be sent out at later times and dates. Finally, it might be helpful to test out various times of the week to see when your specific consumers respond best.

Best Practices

First of all, remember that explicit consent is necessary. The FCC mandates this, and you can face severe fines for sending out mass databases of texts to anyone whose phone number you have. In addition to being legally compliant, it can avoid irritating those who don’t want to hear from you.

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Even for those that do opt-in, respect their time. Write short texts. Keep the message to the point. Refrain from bombarding them with too many texts or words. The more texts you send, the less they get read. The longer your texts are, the less likely it is that readers will finish them.

The best thing to do is to add value. Regardless of what you send out through your text alert system, be sure that consumers will find it relevant to your brand and be something that improves their experience. To be on the safe side, always make an unsubscribe option easy to find and use. You don’t want to keep messaging consumers who may have moved on.

Text messages can feel more personal to people who get them than other marketing mediums. That’s because they get the messages on their phones. So your business can do many things with text alerts that more conventional media methods also accomplish. Still, you can do it without the investment required in labour, printing, hardware, or media buys.

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