5 Ways To Show Him How Adventurous You Are

5 Ways To Show Him How Adventurous You Are

Life is an adventure, and it gets interesting when you have a partner that loves surprises and adventures. Have you always wanted to show your partner that you are adventurous but don’t know how to? This article is for you.

Listed below are five ways you can show your partner how adventurous you are:

1.   Go On Unplanned Trips With Him

Going for unplanned trips with your partner will make the connection you share more exciting. You can drive to his workplace during lunch break and take him on a surprise short trip around the street. To spice things up during the journey, you can choose the direction you follow by tossing a coin while in the car. Your partner will realize how adventurous you are if you pull such a stunt on him when he least expects it. You will also feel more connected to him after the short outing.

2.   Attempt Lovemaking in an Unusual Spot

Adventures involving making love in an unusual place with your partner can be as thrilling as exploring new places or capitalizing on new possibilities. The bedroom is the ideal place where partners make love and share intimacy, but you can make things more interesting by touching him erotically in the kitchen when he joins you to make dinner or in the car when you return from a dinner date.

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You can also lodge in an exquisite hotel and invite him over for passionate lovemaking. Buy an adult toy from this store to use and spice things up. If you’ve not done it before, your partner will be amazed at your new style and will flow with the vibe.

3.   Try Something Different

Have you had the same routine for every holiday? Do you visit the same place every holiday season? Try something new by planning a surprise holiday trip to a new location with your partner. Have you been binge-watching Netflix every night? Change the routine and take him on an evening outing instead. Do you always make love in your bedroom at night? Lure him over to the kitchen on a Sunday afternoon and seduce him into making love to you on the kitchen countertop or table.

4.   Try New Meal Recipe

Trying a new meal recipe with your partner is one of the ways you can show him that you are adventurous and open to trying new things. Plan alone and come up with a new meal recipe. Close from work early, come home, and prepare the food before he returns to make it a surprise. If you are not on a budget, you can also order an intercontinental dish from a foreign restaurant to eat with him. Set the table and wait for him to return from work to spice things up.

5.   Change Your Hobby

Do you always do the same thing daily? Do you still have the same hobby you had three years ago? Changing your hobby is a way to show your partner that you are adventurous. You can take a backpack and go hiking or snap pictures at the city park. Enroll in a new course without his knowledge and only show him the results when you finish. He will be amazed by your change of routine and newly acquired knowledge.

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Final Thoughts

To show him how adventurous you are, change your hobby and do something different, attempt touching him at an unusual spot, plan surprise trips or try a new meal recipe. Doing any or all of these will not only make him realize that you love adventures, but it can also strengthen the bond you share with him.

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