4 Tips for Snapping the Best Bridesmaid Photos

4 Tips for Snapping the Best Bridesmaid Photos

On average, brides invite four to six of their friends to be their bridesmaids. No matter how many you invite for your big day, there’s one thing for sure: you want to make sure your bridesmaids feel special and appreciated.

A great way you can show your appreciation for these women is to take fantastic pictures that capture their radiance and beauty. That way, they have beautiful images to treasure forever.

Want to make sure this happens on your wedding day? Then here are four tips you can use to get the best bridesmaid photos.

1. Get Photos While Everyone’s Getting Ready

Who says all wedding photos need to be taken at the venue? You can get some real gems while you’re getting ready with the girls.

You can pose together for a picture of everyone in their robes and fluffy slippers. But you should also have the photographer go around and snap photos while you’re chatting and putting on makeup, getting your dresses out of the closet, etc.

As a result, you’ll get gorgeous images of all of you genuinely having a good time.

2. Take Candid Pictures

On that note, you should get the photographer to take candid photos. While posed pictures are nice, candid ones really show how close everyone is.

It’ll be fun to get photos of a bridesmaid teasing you, or them heckling one another lightheartedly. If you’d like, you can even take some edgy or risque pictures that’ll have you rolling with laughter when you get the final images.

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3. Get Pictures From the Back

Pictures are traditionally taken from the front since it shows everyone’s faces. But if you get something like the black bridesmaid dresses here, you’ll want to show off the details in the back, too.

These images can also show off the intricate hairstyles all of you have for the big day. And your bridesmaids can also show off the gorgeous open-back designs too.

4. Use the Right Poses

The bridesmaid poses you use can make or break your wedding pictures. So here are some to try.

One surefire way to get excellent photos is to bunch up. Standing close to one another while holding your bouquets never fails.

You should also use the “celebrity pose.” Rotate your hips 45 degrees away from the camera, put your weight on your back foot, cross one leg in front of the other, and smile. This will instantly make everyone look 10 pounds lighter in your bridesmaid pictures!

Get Amazing Bridesmaid Photos With Our Tips

With our tips for bridesmaid photos, you’ll be able to get amazing pictures that everyone will love. These creative and natural images will allow everyone to look stunning, especially you.

Just make sure you hire an experienced photographer. That way, sharp and intuitive pictures will flow with every click of the shutter.

For more wedding advice, make sure you check out the rest of our blog page!

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